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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

18 Jan 2024 Updated.


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GTA VI Publisher Anticipates Record Profits in 2024, Hinting at Potential Release

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has shared an earnings report hinting at a lucrative future. The report suggests that the upcoming years will see significant profits, possibly fueled by the release of GTA VI.

While no official release date has been announced, the report indicates a potential window for the much-anticipated sequel. Let’s delve into the details of the Take-Two earnings report.


Bold Predictions for Take-Two’s Future

Take-Two Interactive projects substantial sales growth in its upcoming fiscal years. With a particular emphasis on the 2025 fiscal year starting in April 2024.

The company anticipates over $8 billion in net bookings during this period. Also aiming to establish new quality and success standards with groundbreaking titles.

While not explicitly mentioned, the highly popular Grand Theft Auto franchise is likely to be a significant contributor. To achieve these ambitious targets.

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GTA VI’s Impending Release Window

Although Take-Two’s press release and related reports do not explicitly state that Grand Theft Auto VI will launch in 2024. The projected financial figures suggest a major release is imminent.

Take-Two’s previous fiscal year’s net bookings reached a record high of over $5 billion. Largely due to the acquisition of Zynga. Given that historic acquisition, Take-Two’s optimistic projections indicate something of GTA VI’s magnitude is anticipated.


The Enigmatic Details

During the earnings call, Take-Two executives remained vague about the specifics behind the projected financial success.

When questioned about the source of the anticipated numbers, the company’s CFO declined to provide details, stating that it was not the appropriate time to disclose such information.

The CEO also avoided addressing the reasons for the optimistic outlook, expressing confidence in the delivery of their pipeline in the next three years.

The Potential Impact of GTA VI

Take-Two’s bold financial projections strongly imply that Grand Theft Auto VI will play a significant role in achieving their ambitious targets. Very few game franchises possess the global appeal and revenue-generating potential of GTA.

As one of the best-selling games ever made, the highly anticipated sequel to GTA V has the capacity to generate the substantial revenue required to reach the projected $8 billion net bookings figure.


Waiting for Official Confirmation

While Take-Two Interactive’s actions and projections strongly suggest a potential release of GTA VI in 2024, no official announcement has been made. Fans eagerly await further updates from Rockstar Games or Take-Two regarding the official release date and additional details surrounding the highly anticipated game.

Take-Two Interactive’s recent earnings report and financial projections have fueled speculation surrounding the release of Grand Theft Auto VI.

Although no official confirmation has been given, the projections indicate a promising future for the company, potentially propelled by the much-anticipated next installment of the GTA franchise.

As fans eagerly await more information, the prospect of GTA VI’s release in 2024 continues to captivate the gaming community.

Properties in GTA Vice City

  • Ocean View Hotel: Available from the game’s start, it serves as the initial safehouse.
  • 3321 Vice Point: An apartment available for purchase.
  • Links View Apartment: Another purchasable safehouse in Vice Point.
  • El Swanko Casa: A more upscale safehouse in Vice City.
  • Hyman Condo: A large condo with a helipad and garages, located in downtown Vice City.
  • Skumole Shack: A basic and cheap rooftop shack in downtown.

Assets in GTA Vice City

  • The Malibu Club: A nightclub that can be purchased, unlocking a series of missions.
  • Print Works: A printing factory available for purchase, important for game progression.
  • Kaufman Cabs: A taxi company that offers its own mission sequence.
  • Film Studio: Located on Prawn Island, it unlocks film-related missions.
  • Pole Position Club: A strip club that generates revenue after a certain amount of investment.
  • Boatyard: Purchasing this allows access to boat-based missions.
  • Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory: This serves as a front for distribution missions.
  • Sunshine Autos: A car dealership that involves a car collection side mission.

Each property and asset has its own unique role in the game, offering various ways to earn money and unlock new missions. Acquiring these is key to progressing through the story and unlocking the game’s final missions.

GTA VI Publisher Anticipates Record Profits in 2024, Hinting at Potential Release