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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

29 Jun 2023 Updated.


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Val Kilmer’s Character in Heat: What Happened to Chris Shiherlis?

In the film “Heat,” Val Kilmer plays the role of a bank robber named Chris Shiherlis, whose ultimate demise is not revealed. Despite the film’s excellent cast and crew, it was not nominated for any Academy Awards, despite the fact that it is considered to be one of the best crime pictures ever made.

Nearly three decades have passed since the first publication of “Heat,” and now Michael Mann and Meg Gardiner have written and released the sequel novel, “Heat 2.”

The novel serves as both a prologue and a sequel to the film, providing readers with insight into the lives of the principal characters both before and after the events shown in the film. The novel is going to be adapted into a movie by Mann.

Chris Shiherlis, the character played by Val Kilmer in the movie “Heat,” is successful in evading capture. During the gunfight, he sustains an injury, and the character of McCauley, played by Robert De Niro, transports him to a nearby veterinarian for medical treatment.

What Happened to Chris Shiherlis?

Val Kilmer

The authorities then focus their attention on Chris’s wife, Charlene, with the intention of capturing him in the act of trying to get back together with her and their kid. However, Charlene, who has been granted immunity by the authorities, signals to Chris by a gesture that he should leave since the area is not secure. This prompts Chris to leave in his car.

The film “Heat 2” offers a rationalization for the events that transpired with Chris Shiherlis. After he has abandoned his family, the character Nate, played by Jon Voight, assists him in evading the authorities and fleeing the city.

In Ciudad del Este, he works as a bodyguard for a criminal family and eventually develops feelings for Ana Liu, the daughter of his employer. As the nature of crime changes in the early 2000s, Ana has grandiose ideas incorporating the internet to produce fresh cash for their illicit operations.

As the plot develops, Chris goes from being a bank robber to becoming into a rising criminal leader. Despite this, he has not abandoned the hope of getting back together with Charlene and their kid.

In the latter part of the book, which takes place in Los Angeles, Chris is forced to decide whether he should continue living with Ana or whether he should go back to his old life. In addition, he mulls over the possibility of exacting vengeance on the character played by Al Pacino, Hanna, for the death of his mentor, McCauley.

The finale of “Heat 2” is another violent gunfight, leaving readers and viewers hungry to find the outcome by either reading the book or viewing the movie version of the story.

Val Kilmer’s Character in Heat: What Happened to Chris Shiherlis?