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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

10th of July 2023



Pandemic Patios in Canada: The Need for Clear Standards and Accessibility

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Canadian cities introduced temporary patio policies to help businesses. These Pandemic Patios in Canada were a response to social distancing rules and other restrictions.

By loosening rules and waiving fees for bars and restaurants, these cities allowed businesses to seat more customers outdoors. This move was a lifeline for businesses that had to close their doors due to the pandemic.

The introduction of Pandemic Patios in Canada was more than just a temporary measure. It was a significant step towards economic recovery. Businesses that had been forced to shut down could now generate revenue by offering outdoor dining.

Customers, eager to leave their homes after months of lockdown, welcomed this change. As a result, Pandemic Patios in Canada became a symbol of resilience and adaptation in the face of adversity.

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The Need for Standardization of Pandemic Patios in Canada

However, as cities transition to their new normal post-pandemic, experts are calling for better standardization of Pandemic Patios in Canada. City planning consultant Brent Toderian, the former chief planner for Vancouver, believes that while the introduction of patios was a no-brainer for better streets and neighbourhoods, the execution has been lacking.

He argues that the lack of clear guidelines has led to delays and dismissals in the permitting process, causing frustration for businesses.

Pandemic Patios in Canada

Accessibility has been a significant concern with the introduction of Pandemic Patios in Canada. Advocates have been sounding the alarm about this issue for several years, stating that any permanent solution needs to have appropriate accessibility standards.

Maayan Ziv, founder and CEO of AccessNow, believes that no public money should be going to the installation of new barriers, and no permits should be granted to businesses that have not considered accessible access points to these spaces.

As cities transition to the new normal, the situation looks different everywhere. Some municipalities are making temporary changes permanent, while others are rolling them back.

However, businesses are looking for predictability as they make plans and investments for the future. The future of Pandemic Patios in Canada hinges on this predictability and the ability of cities to provide clear, accessible guidelines.

Pandemic Patios in Canada: The Need for Clear Standards and Accessibility