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Learn Now: WHAT’S SBT?

We have learned so much that when we summarize each one and reduce it to one word, there are only 3 words left…

Search, Browse and Talk.

Search: The development and change of the changing world order, information differences, content diversity and the need for a search engine to meet all these. Completely private and completely free.

Browse: Again in the changing world order, the fact that domain names are limited and under the authority of a single institution brings with it many problems. You will be much more free and creative with your own browser and domain extension.

Talk. Of course, the point of artificial intelligence is undeniable! It will enter many areas of our lives in a very short time and will change many things. That’s what we’re working for, developing the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence for a better life, comfort and accessibility.

We are currently gathering a great library to access all of these.. 🙂 When the world’s best encyclopedia is completed, everything will be very different and accessible..