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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

21 May 2023 Updated.


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Selling Sunset: The Allure of Glamour, Friendship, and New Villains Unveiled

Netflix’s Selling Sunset may sound like a show about real estate, but it’s far more than that. It’s a mesmerizing soap opera that revolves around beautiful women and their complex relationships.

All set against the stunning backdrop of sunny Los Angeles. As the series progressed, the absence of a compelling villain began to threaten its future.

However, a new star emerged in the form of Chrishell, who injected fresh dynamics into the show’s sixth season.

Chrishell’s Transformation: From Bright Newcomer to Protagonist at Selling Sunset

Chrishell Stause, once the bright and plucky newcomer, undergoes a remarkable transformation in this season.

She opens up about her personal life. Sharing her journey of self-discovery and her new relationship with non-binary Australian singer G Flip, which has brought her freedom and happiness.

With her newfound perspective, Chrishell also reflects on her past relationship with Oppenheim Group owner Jason.

And raises doubts about his new girlfriend, Marie-Lou. While others dismiss the age difference by attributing maturity to Marie-Lou’s European background, Chrishell remains unconvinced.

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Selling Sunset

Chrishell Adopts a Villainous Persona

Taking a cue from former cast member Christine Quinn, Chrishell embraces a more villainous role when the situation demands it.

Despite her evident intelligence and success in the world of reality television, she fearlessly plays the part of a bimbo when necessary.

During a cast trip to Palm Springs, tensions escalate between Chrishell and Nicole, a long-standing agent who accuses Jason of favoritism.

Chrishell retaliates by insinuating that Nicole may be using drugs, causing shockwaves among the cast.

A Recession-Proof Fantasy

Selling Sunset

While Selling Sunset thrives on drama and glamour, it occasionally falls short of delivering the ultimate reality TV experience.

Some cast members, like Bre, erect boundaries around discussing their personal lives, hindering the show’s intended allure.

Meanwhile, Mary, in her sixth season and now the office manager, appears more concerned with office logistics than actual work.

The absence of genuine work struggles and the portrayal of selling multimillion-dollar homes to mysterious buyers create a fantasy-like atmosphere, divorced from real-world economic challenges.

Selling Sunset continues to captivate viewers with its enthralling soap opera dynamics, but the departure of Christine Quinn left a void that needed to be filled. Enter Chrishell, who embraces her role as the show’s new protagonist and fearlessly explores her villainous side when necessary.

Although the show occasionally falls short in capturing real work struggles and economic challenges, its depiction of glamorous lifestyles and intricate relationships remains an irresistible draw for audiences.

As Selling Sunset ventures into its latest season, viewers can expect to be immersed in a world where luxury, friendship, and the unveiling of new villains continue to captivate their imagination.

Selling Sunset: The Allure of Glamour, Friendship, and New Villains Unveiled