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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

16 Aug 2023


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Trump’s Legal Battles: An In-Depth Look at His Four Major Indictments

Former President Donald Trump is currently facing a series of legal challenges as he campaigns for the 2024 presidential election. With dozens of criminal charges against him, Trump is set to go on trial several times over the next 18 months. Here’s an overview of Trump’s legal battles and the four major cases against him.

Georgia Indictment: Conspiracy to Steal Votes

The most recent indictment against Trump comes from the state of Georgia. A prosecutor has laid out 13 charges against the former president, accusing him of engaging in a conspiracy to steal votes cast for Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Trump's Legal Battles

The charges allege that Trump attempted to overturn his narrow defeat in the state. This is Trump’s fourth indictment this year.

An indictment is a formal charge against a person, requiring them to appear in court and enter a plea. Trump has already appeared in court three times to face other charges, denying them all. He is expect to do so again in Atlanta, Georgia, before August 25.

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New York Indictment: False Accounting

The first indictment against Trump came in March, accusing him of false accounting to cover up a payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Trump's Legal Battles

The $130,000 payment allegedly made to buy her silence about an affair, which Trump has consistently denied. This case will go to trial in New York.

Trump was later charged in Florida with illegally hoarding classified files at his Mar-a-Lago estate and refusing to return them when requested. This case involves federal charges brought by the US government.

Washington DC Indictment: Interfering with Election Results

Trumps Legal Battles

The third indictment against Trump unveiled two weeks ago in Washington DC. Like the Georgia charges, this indictment accuses Trump of trying to cling to power by interfering with the 2020 election results.

It also alleges that he repeatedly aired the false claim that he had won the election, which “fuelled” his supporters to attack the US Capitol in January 2021.

Trumps Legal Battles

Two of the four indictments against Trump, those in New York and Georgia, are brought by state-level prosecutors. The other two, in Florida and Washington, involve federal charges brought by the US government.

This distinction affects how the trials will be conducted. For example, the trial in Georgia could be televised, while the others ban cameras in court.

If Trump becomes president again, he could potentially influence the federal cases or even have them dropped.

Can Trump Still Run for President?

Despite the multiple charges against him, Trump can still run for president. The US constitution does not prevent him from continuing his election campaign.

However, the trials could be a significant drain on his time, energy, and election funds. Despite these challenges, Trump’s support remains strong, and he is the frontrunner to face Joe Biden again next year.

Many of the charges against Trump are more likely to result in fines rather than prison sentences if convicted.

However, some charges are serious and could theoretically lead to time behind bars. Even if imprisoned, Trump could still run for president and win an election.

In response to the charges, Trump has repeatedly denounced the prosecutions as politically motivated, aimed at derailing his presidential ambitions.

His lawyers have called the latest charges in Georgia “shocking and absurd,” relying on witnesses with political interests.

Trump’s Legal Battles: An In-Depth Look at His Four Major Indictments