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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

14th of August 2023



Maura Higgins Love Island Journey: From UK Stardom to USA Ambassador Role

Maura Higgins, who catapulted to fame on Love Island UK in 2019, is now making waves in the USA. Her Maura Higgins Love Island Journey has taken an exciting turn as she embraces the role of a “social ambassador” for Love Island USA. Currently being filmed in Fiji. This new chapter in her journey is a testament to the lasting impression she left on the TV executives of the US version.

Expanding Horizons in Maura Higgins Love Island Journey

Maura’s ambassadorial role is just the tip of the iceberg. She’s also on the radar for a prime role in an upcoming series titled “Love Island Games.”

Maura Higgins Love Island Journey

This innovative series will see former Islanders from various countries competing in diverse physical challenges. Maura’s trajectory in the entertainment world post her Love Island UK stint. Especially her unexpected pairing with Curtis Pritchard, has been nothing short of remarkable.

She transitioned seamlessly into TV presenting, gracing segments on “This Morning” and leading the helm for BBC’s “Glow Up Ireland.”

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Personal Strides

Maura’s personal life has been as eventful as her professional one. Since June, she’s been romantically linked with Hollywood stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton, renowned for doubling for Thor star Chris Hemsworth.

Yet, despite her soaring fame Maura Higgins Love Island Journey, Maura often feels that her true self is overshadow by public perceptions. Reflecting on her interactions, she shared that many she encounters exclaim, “You’re so much nicer than I expected,” . Indicating the disparity between her public image and real persona.

Maura Higgins Love Island Journey

Love Island USA’s official announcement of Maura’s involvement underscores her growing influence in the franchise.

She’s slated to offer fans exclusive behind-the-scenes content throughout the summer. Iain Stirling, a prominent figure in the Love Island universe, extended a warm welcome, signifying her integral role in the forthcoming season and marking another milestone in Maura Higgins Love Island Journey.

Maura Higgins Love Island Journey: From UK Stardom to USA Ambassador Role