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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

10th of June 2023



Exploring Wilderdog

When we go on trips outside, we often think about what gear we’ll need to make the trip more fun and safe. But what about our friends with four legs? Just like people, dogs need the right gear when they go outside. This is where WilderDog comes in.

WilderDog is a brand that is all about making sure your dog has everything he needs to go on trips with his pack. The WilderDog has everything for your dog, from bags to leashes, collars to pillows.

WilderDog Product Overview

Product CategoryDescription
BackpacksDurable and spacious, perfect for carrying essentials
Outdoor GearIncludes harnesses, utility packs, and sleeping bags
Climbing Rope Collars and LeashesStrong, durable, and comfortable
Waterproof BlanketsProvides warmth and comfort, ideal for outdoor use
Waterproof Leashes and CollarsPerfect for rainy days or water play
Cooling BandanasHelps keep dogs cool during hot summer days

WilderDog is not just a brand; it’s a lifestyle. It’s about getting out into nature with your dog and making sure they have the same gear as you do. So, get WilderDog and start going on journeys!

Outdoor Gear for Outdoor Dogs



One of the standout products in the WilderDog range is their dog backpacks. These aren’t just any backpacks—they’re made for dogs who love being outside.

They are strong and long-lasting, and they can handle the rough and tumble of outdoor activities. They also have enough room for all the things your dog needs, like food, water, games, and treats.

But what really makes these bags stand out is how they are made. They are made to spread your dog’s weight properly across its body, which keeps their back and neck from getting too tired.

They also come with straps that can be tightened or loosened so that they fit your dog perfectly. This makes sure that your dog is relaxed on their trip.

Outdoor Gear


But it’s not just about backpacks. WilderDog offers a wide range of outdoor gear for dogs. This includes things like leashes, tool packs, and even dog bed bags.

Each item is made to make dogs feel good and keep them safe. They are made of high-quality materials that can stand up to the weather, so your dog will be ready for any journey.

For example, the collars are made to give your dog the most comfort and safety. They have straps that can be changed so they fit perfectly and are made of strong materials that can handle even the most active dogs.

On the other hand, the utility packs are the best way to take things like food, water, and toys. They are easy to connect to your dog’s leash or bag and have many sections that make it easy to keep things in order.

Climbing Rope Collars and Leashes


When it comes to leashes and collars, WilderDog offers products made from climbing rope. Not only are these strong and long-lasting, but dogs can also wear them comfortably.

The collars can be adjusted to make sure they fit perfectly, and the leads are easy for the owner to hold.

But what makes these leads and collars stand out is that they can last for a long time. They are made of climbing rope and are made to stand up to the roughest circumstances.

These leashes and collars will last a long time, no matter if your dog is an experienced walker or a city dog who likes to go outside once in a while.

WilderDog Waterproof Blankets


One of the unique products that WilderDog offers is their waterproof blankets. These blankets are great for taking outside to keep your dog warm and cosy.

They are also waterproof, which makes them great for wet weather.

Not only are these covers useful, but they also look good. With their wool filling, they give your dog a cosy place to sleep after a long day of exploring.

These blankets are a must-have for any dog owner, whether you’re camping in the woods or having a picnic in the park.

Waterproof Leashes and Collars


WilderDog has leads and collars that are waterproof as well as ones that are made of climbing rope. These are great for dogs that like to play in the water or for walks on wet days.

Even when they get wet, the leash and collar will still be strong and durable because they are made of waterproof material.

WilderDog Cooling Bandanas


Forthose hot summer days, WilderDog offers cooling bandanas. When dogs go outside, they can soak these bandanas in water and wear them to stay cool.

They also look good, which makes your dog the most stylish dog on the walk.

These bandanas are made of a special fabric that holds on to water and keeps your dog cool. Also, they are easy to use: just soak them in water, squeeze out the extra water, and tie them around your dog’s neck.

These bandanas are a great way to keep your dog cool and comfortable, whether you’re hiking in the woods or playing fetch in the park.

The Weekly Woof WilderDog Blog

WilderDog is not just about selling products; they also provide valuable information and stories through their Weekly Woof Blog.

This blog has a wide range of articles, from tips on doing things with your dog outside to moving stories about dogs and their adventures outside.

The blog is a great resource for dog owners, with tips and help on everything from finding the right gear for your dog to training tips for outdoor activities.

It also has stories from the WilderDog group, which show what other dogs and their people have been up to.

Giving Back: Kibble Donations

One of the admirable things about WilderDog is their commitment to giving back. WilderDog gives one pound of kibble to a rescue group for every order that is made.

This project not only helps feed dogs in need, but it also helps rescue groups do their jobs.

WilderDog is making a change in the lives of dogs in need through this project. It shows how much they care about dogs and how much they believe in giving back.

You’re not just getting a product as a customer; you’re also helping a good cause.

Final Thought

In conclusion, WilderDog is more than just a brand; it’s a community for dog lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Their wide range of goods means that your dog will be ready for any trip outside. Also, the fact that they give back shows that they care about their business.

Youtube Video About Wilderdog

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What makes WilderDog products unique for outdoor dogs?

WilderDog gear is for outdoor dogs. They are weatherproof, so your dog is ready for any trip. WilderDog has everything your dog needs for outdoor trips, including backpacks, leashes, collars, and blankets.

Why should I choose WilderDog’s climbing rope leashes and collars?

WilderDog’s climbing rope leashes and collars are sturdy and comfy. Climbing rope makes them tough enough for adventurous dogs.

How do WilderDog’s cooling bandanas work?

WilderDog’s cooling bandanas use a fabric that holds water, cooling your dog. In hot weather, soak the bandana in water, wring it dry, and wrap it over your dog’s neck.

What is WilderDog’s kibble donation initiative?

WilderDog contributes one pound of kibble every purchase to rescue organisations. This programme aids rescue organisations and feeds needy canines.

How can I join the WilderDog community?

Purchase WilderDog items and follow them on social media for information and specials to join the community. Joining a community of dog lovers and outdoor enthusiasts helps them provide great products for outdoor canines.

Exploring Wilderdog