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Oliver Brown

Oliver Brown

6th of November 2023



Urgent: Tyson Recalls Dino-Shaped Chicken Nuggets Over Metal Concerns

As a step Tyson Foods has decided to recall approximately 30,000 pounds of their widely loved chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs. This Tyson Recalls decision came to light after several consumers reported the unsettling discovery of small metal fragments in their chicken patties.

The Tyson recalls action, made public on Saturday, specifically targets the 29-ounce plastic bag packages. These bags contain chicken patties that are shape and breaded as describe by the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the US Department of Agriculture.

Key Details for Consumers

Tyson Recalls

If you have bought these nuggets it’s really important to check the “best if used by date” mentioned on the packaging. The affected products have the date of September 4 2024. They were. Sold in states, like Alabama, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Although there has one reported case of a mouth injury linked to consuming these nuggets no other incidents have reported far. However the USDA is concerned about this issue.

Officials are worried that many consumers may still have bags of the nuggets” in their freezers. They strongly advise anyone who has these products to either dispose of them or return them promptly.

For those affected by the Tyson recalls, the company has provided guidance. They recommend that individuals who bought or consumed the recalled nuggets should take off the UPC and date code from the packaging. After doing they should contact the company directly at 1 855 382 3101.

The meat company based in Arkansas. Known as the meat processor globally has not yet provided any response, to media inquiries concerning this recall.

Urgent: Tyson Recalls Dino-Shaped Chicken Nuggets Over Metal Concerns