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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

8th of June 2023



Azealia Banks Faces Backlash for Insensitive Remarks on Jacky Oh’s Death

Azealia Banks, a musician known for her controversial statements, is currently facing severe backlash on social media. For implying that the recent Jacky Oh’s death, the partner of actor and comedian D.C. Young Fly, was karma for past events.

The controversy stems from an incident on the comedy show “Wild ‘N Out,” where Banks accused the cast, including D.C. Young Fly, of making colorist jokes about her in 2018.

Banks resurfaced the issue while commenting on D.C. Young Fly’s mourning over the loss of his longtime partner.

She accused him of hiding his self hatred behind jokes aimed at women’s beauty and projecting his own insecurities onto confident women.

Banks also mentioned her emotional response to the alleged mistreatment on the show. Emphasizing that her tears were fueled by rage rather than weakness.

In a subsequent post, she made an ironic reference to Jacky Oh’s death. Claiming that the timing was significant and warning others not to mess with her.

Fans Condemn Azealia Banks for Celebrating Jacky Oh’s Death

Jacky Ohs Death

Fans swiftly criticized Banks for her insensitive remarks, deeming her behavior reprehensible. Social media users express their dismay, highlighting that she celebrating the death of a loved one merely because she had been offended on a staged television program years ago.

The general sentiment was that Banks had taken things too far and crossed a line with her comments. Some called for her to be held accountable for her actions, suggesting that she no longer deserved a platform or support from the public.

This incident occurred approximately one week after Jacky Oh’s death. The family of the former “Wild ‘N Out” cast member released a statement confirming her sudden and tragic death, requesting privacy during their time of grieving.

In summary, Azealia Banks’ insensitive remarks regarding Jacky Oh’s death have drawn widespread condemnation.

Her implications of karma and celebration in response to a personal tragedy have sparked outrage among social media users.

 The incident serves as a reminder of the potential consequences of thoughtless and hurtful actions, even in the context of a long standing feud.

Azealia Banks Faces Backlash for Insensitive Remarks on Jacky Oh’s Death