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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

4 Jul 2023


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Texas Teen Rudy Farias Missing for 8 Years Found Alive Sleeping Outside Church

A Houston man who went missing as a teenager over eight years ago has been discovered sleeping outside a local church, bringing an end to his family’s long search. Rudy Farias IV disappeared on March 6, 2015, as per information provided by the Texas Center for the Missing.

On June 29, the Houston Police Department responded to a call about an individual found in front of a church in east Houston. It was later confirmed that the person was Rudy Farias.

Details about his whereabouts during the past years remain unknown, and authorities have not released any information about the circumstances that led to his reunion with his family.

Farias is currently receiving the necessary care to help him overcome the trauma he endured, according to a statement by his mother, Janie Santana. Unfortunately, Farias is nonverbal and unable to communicate with his family, adding to the mystery surrounding his disappearance.

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Houston Man Missing Since Teen Rudy Farias Years Found Sleeping Outside Church

Rudy Farias

The discovery of Rudy Farias made by a good Samaritan who promptly called 911. When the Houston Fire Department arrived at the scene, Farias’ mother was also present.

Medical personnel assessed Farias but he refused transportation to a hospital. His mother signed a form declining the offer, leaving Farias in the care of his family and the police.

At the time of his discovery, Farias had an item on him that revealed the identity of a family member. Authorities contacted the family member, who subsequently arrived at the scene along with Farias’ mother.

The circumstances under which Farias found have not disclosed by the Texas Center for the Missing. The organization’s focus is on supporting missing persons and their families, offering assistance during reunification and the healing process.

Farias was 17 years old when he went missing while walking his dogs in northwest Houston. In September 2018, police received information that he had seen sleeping behind a family member’s residence.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, nearly 360,000 reports of missing children filed with the FBI in 2022. However, this figure may include duplicate reports.

The Houston Police Department’s Missing Person’s Unit intends to interview Rudy Farias and his family, but as of now, those interviews have not taken place. An interview with Farias has been scheduled for Wednesday, and the case remains under investigation.

Texas Teen Rudy Farias Missing for 8 Years Found Alive Sleeping Outside Church