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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

26th of June 2023



Ford Cuts Unspecified Number of Salaried Contract Employees

Ford Motor Co. has confirmed that it ended the contracts of several salaried contract employees on Friday. Although the exact number of affected workers remains undisclosed.

The Dearborn automaker took this salaried contract employees step to reduce costs and align its workforce with the changing demands of the digital and electric vehicle landscape.

As the company prepares for potential layoffs among salaried employees. These white-collar cuts reflect Ford’s commitment to stay competitive and streamline its operations.

Unspecified Number of Salaried Contract Employees Let Go

Salaried Contract Employees

Ford notified salaried contract employees certain workers employed by external agencies that their contracts would not be renewed.

Leading to the termination of their assignments. The automaker has refrained from disclosing the exact number of contractors affected by this decision.

While Ford declined to comment on the matter, it signifies the company’s ongoing efforts to align staffing levels with its business plans. And adapt to the evolving automotive industry.

These contract terminations are part of Ford’s broader cost-cutting strategy under CEO Jim Farley. Who aims to reduce the company’s approximately $7 billion cost disadvantage compared to its competitors.

The automaker is focusing on digital connectivity, electric vehicles, and an increasingly competitive market.

Ford plans to invest $50 billion in electrification by 2026, with the goal of achieving companywide earnings margins of 10%, 8% margins in the EV segment. And an annual production rate of 2 million EVs.

The cost reductions are essential to strengthen Ford’s financial position, even as it incurs losses on EVs, which it expects to reverse in the future. While they take the salaried contract employees decision.

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Salaried Contract Employees

Ford has undergone internal restructuring under Farley’s leadership, creating business units dedicated to internal combustion engine and hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles and software, and commercial vehicles and services.

This restructuring aligns with the company’s long-term strategy and the industry’s shift towards electrification. Similar cost-cutting measures have witnessed among Ford’s competitors.

With General Motors Co. offering buyouts to 5,000 salaried workers earlier this year to avoid layoffs.

Ford’s decision to terminate the contracts of salaried contract employees is part of its ongoing cost-cutting efforts and strategic realignment.

As the automotive industry evolves, Ford aims to stay competitive by adapting its workforce to meet changing demands, particularly in the electric vehicle sector.

The company’s restructuring initiatives and cost reductions are crucial to improve financial performance and align with its ambitious electrification goals.

Ford Cuts Unspecified Number of Salaried Contract Employees