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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

24 Jul 2023


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Heatwaves in British Columbia: Coroner Investigates Recent Fatalities

Heatwaves in British Columbia have been breaking records, leading to tragic consequences. The BC Coroners Service is currently investigating three deaths this year.

Suspected to be caused by hyperthermia, an extreme rise in body temperature. This alarming situation highlights the deadly impact of heatwaves in British Columbia.

The Vulnerable at Risk of Heatwaves in British Columbia

“Extreme heat can be fatal,” warns Lisa Lapointe, the chief coroner for British Columbia. Older people and those with underlying health conditions are particularly vulnerable, especially in environments without air conditioning.

As confusion and fatigue set in due to the heat, people are less aware and less able to help themselves. This is a stark reminder of the dangers posed by heatwaves in British Columbia.

In response to the rising temperatures, the province’s two largest health authorities have urged landlords and stratas to remove bylaws or policies against air conditioning or other cooling devices.

Heatwaves in British Columbia

They have also sent their guidance to landlord and strata associations to prioritize life-saving decisions over considerations about aesthetics or building envelope. This proactive approach is part of the broader response to the heatwaves in British Columbia.

Both Lapointe and Dr. Emily Newhouse, a Medical Health Officer at Fraser Health, believe that climate change will continue to impact and exacerbate these issues. They advise thinking of heat as another indoor health threat, similar to carbon monoxide.

High indoor temperatures can be just as life-threatening for people who are at high risk. The increasing frequency and intensity of heat waves in British Columbia underscore the urgent need to address climate change.

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Lessons from the Past

The tragic heat dome of 2021 has led to improved planning and messaging. A modest free air conditioning program for high-risk British Columbians. And the implementation of a Heat Alert Response System.

However, the report by the Canadian Climate Institute also made several recommendations. Including greater integration and coordination of government response and agencies. These lessons from past heat waves in British Columbia are crucial for preventing future tragedies.

Heatwaves in British Columbia

The heatwaves in British Columbia have highlighted the urgent need for better planning, communication, and response strategies to protect the most vulnerable from the deadly impacts of extreme heat.

As climate change continues to exacerbate these issues. It’s crucial for everyone, from individuals to government agencies, to take proactive steps to mitigate the impacts of heatwaves in British Columbia.

This includes everything from installing air conditioning units to implementing comprehensive heat alert response systems.

The heatwaves in British Columbia serve as a stark reminder of the challenges posed by climate change and the need for swift, effective action.

Heatwaves in British Columbia: Coroner Investigates Recent Fatalities