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Oliver Brown

Oliver Brown

6th of November 2023



World War 2 Before The War Photos

World War 2 Before The War Photos offer a poignant glimpse into the events and tensions that prefaced the global conflict. These photographs, taken prior, to the outbreak of hostilities offer a viewpoint into the cultural and military settings that eventually led to the onset of World War 2. Through the analysis of these images we are able to attain a comprehension of the influences and emotions that set the stage for one of historys most catastrophic conflicts.

Hitler’s Release

World War 2 Before The War Photos

Adolf Hitler at the age of 35 was released from Landesberg Prison in 1924 after being convicted for treason, in the Beer Hall Putsch. During his time he dictated the book “Mein Kampf” to Rudolf Hess. Eventually in 1933 he assumed the position of Chancellor.

Guarding History

World War 2 Before The War Photos

In 1937 there was a soldier who was stationed to guard a section of the Great Wall of China. It is worth mentioning that Japan and China had been engaged in conflicts since 1931. Tensions escalated significantly in that year.

Aerial Onslaught

World War 2 Before The War Photos

In 1937 Japanese airplanes carry out a bombing mission, on targets, in China showcasing Japans increasing strength during the Sino Japanese War.

Shanghai Siege

World War 2 Before The War Photos

In 1937 Japanese soldiers fought fiercely on the streets of Shanghai for months. This intense battle involved a deployment of troops resulting in casualties of, over 150,000. Eventually Japan emerged victorious as Shanghai succumbed to their control.

Peiping Occupation

World War 2 Before The War Photos

In 1937 when Japan occupied Peiping (Beijing) there was a movement of troops, from the Chinese City to the Tartar City. During this time of conflict the American Embassy nearby served as a refuge, for many people seeking safety.

Brutal Execution

World War 2 Before The War Photos

During the conflict there was a heartbreaking sight of Japanese soldiers using bayonets to execute captured Chinese soldiers in a trench while there were onlookers witnessing this brutal scene.

Leaders Convene

World War 2 Before The War Photos

In 1936 General Chiang Kai shek, the leader met with General Lung Yun in Nanking. They were the leaders of the government, in Nanking and the provincial government, in Yunan.

Nanking’s Loss

World War 2 Before The War Photos

In 1938 a Chinese woman examines the remains of her family in Nanking. These individuals are said to be victims of atrocities committed by soldiers during their occupation.

Prepared Priests

World War 2 Before The War Photos

In 1936 the Buddhist priests, at Big Asakusa Temple in Tokyo took precautions by wearing gas masks possibly due to the increasing tensions and concerns about attacks, in the region.

Mussolini’s Rise

World War 2 Before The War Photos

Benito Mussolini, the leader of the Fascist movement rose to power. Established his dictatorial rule, in Rome in 1922 following a significant event known as the March on Rome. This act of intimidation played a role, in Mussolinis ascent to power.

Final Thought

In retrospect, World War 2 Before The War Photos serve as a haunting reminder of the calm before the storm. These images depict maneuvering, societal shifts and military preparations that suggest the approaching chaos. As we contemplate these visuals it becomes clear that grasping the prelude is essential, in understanding the scale and consequences of the war itself.

World War 2 Before The War Photos