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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

Updated On 29th of June 2023.



Kim Petras: Transitioning to Mainstream Pop with Mixed Results

After a 15-year journey, pop artist Kim Petras finally releases her debut album, “Feed the Beast.” With a steady rise in the music industry, she has gained attention for her nostalgic bubblegum pop singles and edgy Halloween-themed mixtapes.

Earlier this year, Petras achieved a significant milestone as the first trans artist to have a Number One hit with the song “Unholy,” a collaboration with Sam Smith.

However, her path to success has not been without controversy. Particularly due to her continued association with producer Dr. Luke, who has faced accusations of sexual assault and abuse.

Despite setbacks and leaked albums, Petras remains determined to present her most personal work to date.

Petras describes “Feed the Beast” as a departure from her previous personas and a more personal expression of herself.

However, some listeners feel that the album moves further away from Petras’s unique creative identity. Losing the captivating charm that made her past eras enjoyable and unconventional.

The new material draws heavy inspiration from ’90s house and Europop, aiming for a radio-friendly sound.

The lead single, “Alone,” featuring a subdued guest verse from Nicki Minaj, samples Alice Deejay’s 1999 hit “Better Off Alone,”. Incorporating trap elements that some find unnecessary.

Throughout the album, there is a sense of pandering to current trends for potential radio and TikTok success. Which dilutes Petras’s trendsetting reputation.

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Kim Petras Hits and Misses

Kim Petras

While the album may lack the same spark as Petras’s earlier work, there are still some standout moments. The sun-soaked bop “Coconuts,” released the previous year, remains enjoyable.

“Revelations” incorporates a touch of ’80s guitar and pays homage to Petras’s spooky-pop roots in the chorus.

Among the album’s explicit tracks, “Sex Talk” and “Hit It From the Back” stand out for their directness and humor. “Minute” delivers the vulnerability promised by Petras.

A straightforward love song expressing the desire for someone to stay a little longer. “Uh Oh” maintains the classic Petras party vibe, but overall, it falls flat compared to the rest of the album.

While the album’s weaker songs still possess dance-floor potential, it appears that Petras’s transition towards mainstream pop success has come at the cost of her distinct artistic personality.

Her genuine passion for pop music remains evident, but the forward-thinking and unconventional qualities that initially attracted fans have been subdued.

As Petras strives to establish herself as a Top 40 pop star, her once-freakish identity has been tamed. It remains to be seen if this transformation will have a lasting impact or if her unique spirit will resurface in the future.

Kim Petras, a rising pop artist, releases her long-awaited debut album, “Feed the Beast,” which showcases a shift towards mainstream pop sound.

While the album still contains enjoyable moments and dance-worthy tracks, it loses some of the eccentricity and magnetism that made Petras stand out in her earlier work.

Kim Petras: Transitioning to Mainstream Pop with Mixed Results