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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

6 Jul 2023


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Unilever for Retirement Portfolios: A Safe Bet?

Unilever, a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company, is a stock that frequently finds its way into private investors’ portfolios. But is it a wise choice for those looking to build funds for retirement or for those who have already bid farewell to their careers? In my opinion, considering ‘Unilever for retirement portfolios‘, with its many appealing aspects, is certainly worth it for a long-term, diversified portfolio.

Over the past few years, Unilever’s business growth has decelerated. The stock began to consolidate around mid-2019, ending a decade-long upward trend. This consolidation in the stock mirrors the business’s performance.

Unilever for Retirement Portfolios

However, a positive outcome of this phase is the improvement in Unilever’s valuation. With a forward-looking dividend yield of approximately 3.8% for 2024, Unilever is on the radar of investors seeking dependable and growing dividend income. This makes ‘Unilever for retirement portfolios‘ an attractive proposition.

Dividends are a crucial component of total returns, especially for investors nearing or in retirement. Dividends from businesses in defensive sectors, like Unilever, known for its consistent cash flows and reliable dividend record, are particularly valuable.

Unilever’s strong brands encourage repeat business and fare well during economic downturns due to customer loyalty. This resilience further strengthens the case of ‘Unilever for retirement portfolios’.

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Unilever was once prized for its steady growth, as evidenced by the share price increase from 2009 to 2019.

However, as the business matures, it’s now seen as a slow-growing dividend payer. This shift is acceptable as long as the cash flow continues to support shareholder dividends.

The compound annual growth rate of the dividend is about 3.35%, which is satisfactory if it continues. This steady dividend growth is another reason to consider ‘Unilever for retirement portfolios’.

Unilever for Retirement Portfolios

Despite facing challenges such as criticism for its continued operations in Russia and the cost-of-living crisis testing customers’ brand loyalty, Unilever continues to adapt and evolve.

The company recently announced plans to acquire frozen yogurt brand Yasso Holdings, aiming to upscale its ice cream division and cater to the rising demand for healthier snack options. This adaptability to market trends makes ‘Unilever for retirement portfolios’ a worthy consideration.

While there are no guarantees of a successful investment outcome with Unilever or any other business, the company’s consistent cash flow, dividends, and adaptability make it a worthy consideration for further research.

It could potentially be a valuable addition to a long-term diversified portfolio focused on retirement. So, if you’re pondering over ‘Unilever for retirement portfolios’, it might be time to delve deeper.

Unilever for Retirement Portfolios: A Safe Bet?