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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

1 Jul 2023


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United Airlines Offers 300% Incentive to Flight Attendants as it Recovers from Operational Challenges

United Airlines, based in Chicago, has experienced a tumultuous week due to air traffic control issues and severe summer thunderstorms. The resulting delays and cancellations have caused significant disruptions to the airline’s operations.

FlightAware reports that a large number of flights were canceled or delayed each day this week, creating a snowball effect.

United Airlines expects operations to normalize in time for the holiday weekend. The airline has seen some improvement, with fewer cancellations and reduced baggage backlog.

Off-duty flight attendants are stepping in to fill open trips. And all staff members are working diligently to address the challenges and provide the best service possible. United remains committed to resolving the issues caused by recent events and restoring reliable support to its employees.

As part of its efforts to stabilize operations, United Airlines is offering a substantial bonus to flight attendants who pick up extra trips this week.

The bonus amounts to 300% of their normal pay, far exceeding the usual 50% bonus offered during this holiday period. The offer aims to ensure sufficient crew availability and express gratitude to flight attendants for their dedication and support during this challenging time.

The AFA-CWA, the union representing United flight attendants, expressed gratitude for the 300% bonus offer. And acknowledged its significant benefits to the airline’s staff. The union is committed to ensuring that management provides reliable support to flight attendants amidst the disruptions.

The company has made progress in addressing cancellations and delays. And efforts are underway to regain control over operations and resolve the issues stemming from recent events.

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United Airlines Focus on Flight Attendants, Pilots in Contract Negotiations

United Airlines

While flight attendants receive the 300% bonus offer, it appears that pilots, who are currently engaged in intense contract negotiations with United, have not been given a similar incentive.

United Airlines is taking steps to recover from a challenging week marked by operational difficulties. The airline is offering flight attendants a significant bonus of up to 300% of their base pay to incentivize them to work extra trips during this period.

United aims to ensure sufficient crew availability and express appreciation for the dedication of its flight attendants. While the airline claims progress in addressing cancellations and delays, the focus remains on regaining control over operations and resolving the issues caused by recent events.

As the holiday weekend approaches, United is working diligently to provide a smoother travel experience for its passengers.

United Airlines Offers 300% Incentive to Flight Attendants as it Recovers from Operational Challenges