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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

19 Jul 2023


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Toronto Garbage Schedule

Proper waste management is a crucial aspect of urban living. In a bustling city like Toronto, understanding the Toronto garbage schedule is essential for maintaining cleanliness and promoting environmental sustainability.

This post seeks to offer a complete explanation of Toronto’s garbage schedule and its significance. Residents may help to a cleaner, healthier, and more ecologically friendly Toronto by adhering to the city’s garbage pickup schedule.

The Importance of Garbage Collection in Toronto

Garbage collection is critical to sustaining Toronto’s cleanliness and general health. Regular and correct waste disposal aids in the prevention of disease transmission, lowers pollutants, and contributes to a healthier environment.

By adhering to the Toronto garbage schedule, residents can ensure that their waste is managed responsibly and efficiently.

Environmental Impact

Toronto Garbage Schedule

Every item of trash we produce has an environmental impact. Waste contributes to pollution and climate change from the extraction of raw materials to the manufacturing, distribution, and disposal of products.

However, by following the Toronto garbage schedule and sorting waste correctly, residents can help minimize these impacts.

Waste is properly disposed of when it is collected on a regular basis, keeping it from getting up in natural habitats where it can harm species and ecosystems.

Health and Safety

Toronto Garbage Schedule

Garbage disposal is also critical for public health and safety. Waste can attract pests and contribute to disease transmission. Residents may help avert these problems by following the trash schedule in Toronto.

Regular garbage collection decreases the length of time waste sits out, lowering the danger of insect infestations and disease transmission.

Understanding Toronto’s Garbage Schedule

The Toronto garbage schedule is designed to manage different types of waste effectively. On specific days, the city gathers organic waste, recycling, rubbish, and yard debris. The timetable varies by district or area to ensure that all areas of the city are routinely served.

Type of WasteCollection Frequency
Organic WasteWeekly
Yard WasteSeasonal

Organic Waste

Toronto Garbage Schedule

Food scraps, dirty paper products, and yard garbage are examples of organic waste. The city gathers organic garbage in green bins once a week.

This garbage is subsequently composted or converted into biofuel, reducing greenhouse gas emissions while creating valuable products.


Toronto Garbage Schedule

Recycling is collected in blue bins biweekly. Paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass jars, and metal cans are all recyclable. We can conserve natural resources, save energy, and limit the amount of waste that ends up in landfills by recycling these goods.


Toronto Garbage Schedule

Non-recyclable and non-compostable waste is collected in grey bins biweekly. Plastic bags, disposable diapers, and some forms of packaging are examples of this.

While it is critical to reduce the quantity of rubbish we produce, it is also critical to dispose of it properly in order to avoid environmental contamination.

Yard Waste

Toronto Garbage Schedule

Yard trash, such as leaves, branches and grass clippings, is collect on a seasonal basis. Composting this waste helps to return nutrients to the soil and reduces the demand for commercial fertilisers.

How to Find Your Garbage Collection Schedule

Finding your specific Toronto garbage schedule is straightforward. Residents can check their collection days using online tools and resources provided by the city. The TOwaste app, for example, gives personalised collection calendars and reminders to residents.

Using the TOwaste App

Toronto Garbage Schedule

The TOwaste app is a useful tool for keeping track of your rubbish collection schedule in Toronto. Enter your address to get a personalised collection calendar and set collection day reminders. The programme also tells you how to categorise your trash and where to dispose of unusual things.

Online Resources

In addition to the TOwaste app, the City of Toronto’s website has a variety of trash management information. You can check your collection schedule, learn what goes in each bin, and stay up to date on any changes to the Toronto garbage schedule.


For detailed information about the Toronto garbage schedule for the year 2023, please visit the official City of Toronto website. They have provided a comprehensive WASTE COLLECTION SCHEDULE 2023 file that outlines the collection dates for different types of waste throughout the year.

This schedule will help you plan your waste disposal accordingly and contribute to the city’s waste management efforts.

You can access the file directly by clicking here.

Special Collection Schedules

In addition to the regular Toronto garbage schedule, there are special collection schedules for items like Christmas trees, hazardous waste, and large appliances.

These collections usually require prior arrangement and may not occur as frequently as regular waste collection.

Christmas Tree Collection

The city offers a special collection of Christmas trees after the holiday season. On specific days in January, trees are gathered, chipped, and composted.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous material, such as batteries, paint, and chemicals, must be handled carefully and cannot be disposed of in conventional garbage or recycling receptacles.

Throughout the year, the city hosts Community Environment Days where residents can drop off these items for safe disposal.

Large Appliances

Large appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, and washing machines are also separate. Residents can call the city to arrange for a special collection.

What Happens If You Miss a Collection Day

Missing a collection day in the Toronto garbage schedule can be inconvenient, but there are options available.

Residents can either store their garbage until the next collection day or bring it to a designated drop-off location. To avoid any health or environmental problems, it is critical to handle your garbage correctly.

Storing Waste

You can store your waste until the following scheduled pick-up if you miss a collection day. Make sure to keep it in a safe place where it won’t attract bugs or cause a nuisance.

Drop-off Depots

If a resident misses a collection day, the City of Toronto offers various drop-off stations where they can take their waste.

These depots accept a variety of products, including rubbish, recycling, organic waste, and specialized items such as electronics and hazardous waste.

Tips for Sorting Your Waste

Adhering to the Toronto garbage schedule also involves sorting your waste correctly. Here are some tips:

  • Use the green bin to dispose of organic trash such as food leftovers and yard garbage.
  • Put paper, plastic, and glass in the blue recycling container.
  • Non-recyclable and non-compostable waste should be disposed of in the grey bin.
  • Check the city’s requirements for large or unusual objects, or arrange for a special collection.
  • We can reduce trash and contribute to a more sustainable Toronto by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Final Thought

Understanding and following the Toronto garbage schedule is a shared responsibility that contributes to a cleaner and greener Toronto. By carefully classifying our waste and according to the collection schedule, we may have a big impact on the environmental sustainability of our community.

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How can I find out when my garbage day is in Toronto?

Visit the City of Toronto’s website and enter your address into the Waste Wizard tool to determine your waste pickup day. You can also use the TOwaste app, which gives personalised collection dates and reminders.

What should I do if I miss my scheduled garbage collection day?

You can store your waste until the next collection day if you miss your scheduled collection day. You can also take your waste to one of the City of Toronto’s drop-off locations.

How does the Toronto garbage schedule vary by district or area?

To guarantee that all areas of the city are serviced on a regular basis, the garbage timetable in Toronto differs by district or area. The schedule for your specific neighbourhood is available on the City of Toronto’s website or through the TOwaste app.

What types of waste are collected as part of the Toronto garbage schedule?

As part of the regular garbage collection schedule, the City of Toronto gathers organic waste, recycling, rubbish and yard waste. Special collection schedules are also in place for goods such as Christmas trees, hazardous waste, and large appliances.

How can I arrange for the collection of large appliances or hazardous waste?

Large appliances and hazardous rubbish are separate from typical garbage. Contact the city to arrange for the collection of major appliances. Throughout the year, hazardous garbage can be dispose off during Community Environment Days.

Toronto Garbage Schedule