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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

29 Jun 2023 Updated.


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Online Learning Platforms for Continuing Education

There are several online learning platforms for education that offer a wide variety of different courses for you to take. Some of the most popular of these are Udemy, Coursera and LinkedIn Learning.

Here’s a table summarizing the key features of the three online learning platforms for continuing education:

Online Learning PlatformKey FeaturesFree Trial AvailablePayment Options
CourseraOn-demand courses with flexible payment choices; partners with 275+ top universities, schools, and enterprises; hundreds of world-class courses and degree programs.YesMastercard, Visa, American Express
UdemyAbout 183,000 video courses in technology, education, and business with quizzes, closed captions, bookmarks, and instructor announcements; self-paced study.YesCredit Card, PayPal
LinkedIn LearningProvides dozens of expert-taught courses with interactive elements for asking questions, obtaining answers, and sharing ideas; delivers professional development training and courses; free trial, monthly, and team plansYesCredit Card, PayPal

The payment methods given for each platform are not all-inclusive and may change depending on the user’s location and preferred currency.

Coursera Online Learning Platforms

Coursera is a leading global online learning platforms offering thousands of world-class courses and degree programs from leading universities, colleges, education and businesses. With over 113 million learners from more than 150 countries, Coursera is dedicated to providing access to the best education for everyone. It is also a key part of the massive open online course (MOOC) movement.

Online Learning Platforms for Education

Coursera enables students to acquire the skills they need to succeed in the workplace or in life. Their courses are offered on an on-demand basis, allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs.

You can watch videos, quizzes, and interactive transcripts on your PC or laptop, or you can go online to access courses on the Coursera app.

Coursera online learning platform offers thousands of free and paid courses, with flexible payment options. The platform allows you to start with a free trial of a course before signing up for a paid subscription.

Payments are accepted with Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. However, you must first fill out an application and give them details about your educational background, career goals, and financial situation.

Coursera works with 275+ leading universities, companies, and organizations to bring world-class education to students and professionals around the globe. Coursera offers a wide range of courses from full masters degrees to specialized certificate programs.

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Udemy is a leading online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses in a variety of fields. This includes technology, education, and business.

It has a global reach and is a convenient way to learn and grow. The courses offered by Udemy are affordable and allow users to study on their own schedule.

While Udemy is not an accredited university, it is a good alternative for students looking to gain new skills. With hundreds of web development and marketing courses, there is something for everyone.

There are over 183,000 video courses available. These include courses in SEO, analytics, copywriting, and data modeling. And, the companys list of course offerings continues to expand.

Online Learning Platforms for Education

In addition to video and audio-based classes, Udemy courses can feature quizzes, closed captions, bookmarks, and instructor announcements.

All of these features are designed to help students develop their personal and professional skills.

As a result, the website has gained the trust of millions of individuals and companies. Fortune 500 companies depend on Udemy to provide their employees with skills.

Unlike traditional college courses, Udemy is designed for self-paced learning. Students can take courses on their own time and replay lectures as many times as needed.

Udemy offers a 30-day money back guarantee for purchases. Customers can initiate the refund process by calling customer service or clicking on the “Request a Refund” button on the Udemy website.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that allows users to learn new skills. It offers thousands of courses taught by expert instructors.

You can choose from hundreds of topics, from programming languages to leadership management. Taking a course will help you develop new skills and improve your resume.

Among its many features, LinkedIn Learning also allows users to interact with instructors and other learners. They can ask questions, get answers, and share ideas. This is a good way to learn and gain a network of like-minded individuals.

Online Learning Platforms for Education

The best part about LinkedIn Learning is that it offers a variety of content. It provides professional development training and courses, and has programs for job seekers, employers, universities, and government agencies.

There are a few ways to subscribe to the service. You can sign up for a free trial, or pay by the month. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you might consider signing up for a team plan. These plans include additional benefits in specific business areas.

LinkedIn Learning is a great way to boost your career. For example, you can take advantage of its free content to learn in-demand skills.

As a part of its Premium membership package, you’ll also be provided with networking and InMail credits.You can even add your completed courses to your palmares.

Final Thought

Continuing education has emerged as a crucial component of both personal and professional development in the fast-paced world of today.

People can now learn new things from the convenience of their own homes thanks to online learning systems.

Sites like Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning provide flexible, cheap courses that meet the various needs of students around the world.

These platforms are very well-liked by organizations, working professionals, and students alike.

These platforms are changing the way we study and develop because there are hundreds of courses to pick from and a variety of features including interactive content and knowledgeable instructors.

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What is the online learning platform?

Online learning platforms provide instructional information and resources to users online. These services offer videos, podcasts, interactive quizzes, and forums.

Which is the most popular free online educational platform?

Coursera, edX, and Khan Academy are popular free educational sites. These platforms offer STEM, humanities, and social science courses and resources.

What are the types of online platforms?

Online learning platforms include MOOCs, LMSs, VLEs, and IVPs (IVLPs). Each platform has its own advantages.

Which is the largest learning platform in world?

Coursera has around 87 million enrolled learners and over 200 university and organization affiliations. Coursera offers courses, degrees, and professional credentials.

Are online learning platforms effective?

Learners can benefit from online learning tools. Online learning may be more successful than classroom learning, according to studies. Online learning depends on content quality, instructional design, and student motivation and engagement.

Online Learning Platforms for Continuing Education