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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

11th of August 2023



Ottawa’s Intense Rainfall Aftermath: Deluge Causes Unprecedented Flooding

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, was caught off-guard by an unexpected and intense downpour. The Ottawa’s Intense Rainfall Aftermath is evident as areas across the city received a staggering 75 to 100 mm of rain in just six hours.

This sudden torrential rain transformed roads, parking lots, and even fields into vast lakes. The city’s transit road network submerged with up to three feet of water.

Causing vehicles to be strand and leading to the closure of major roads such as Woodroffe Avenue, Merivale Road, and St. Laurent Boulevard.

Immediate Repercussions of Ottawa’s Intense Rainfall Aftermath

The storm, which began its onslaught around 11:30 a.m. on Thursday. Brought with it not just rain but also hail and gusty winds.

As part of the Ottawa’s Intense Rainfall Aftermath, Environment Canada had issued a severe thunderstorm warning. Suggesting that some areas might witness up to 125 mm of rain accompanied by nickel-sized hail.

Ottawa's Intense Rainfall Aftermath

By the evening, around 5 p.m., the warnings were rescinded, but the city left grappling with the aftermath.

Residents across Ottawa shared their harrowing experiences. One individual from the Gloucester neighbourhood described an ever-expanding “lake” forming in his backyard due to the intense rainfall.

Another resident, Miranda Gillingham, highlighted the severity of the situation. Reporting about three feet of water at the intersection of Burn Street and Claude Street.

This Ottawa’s Intense Rainfall Aftermath saw neighbors coming together, trying to clear drainage holes to mitigate further flooding.

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City’s Measures Post Rainfall

In response to the flooding, city officials and the Ottawa police issued urgent advisories about potential road closures.

They also recommended residents to refrain from non-essential travel during the height of the storm. The East Entrance of Parliament Station had to be temporarily shut down due to waterlogging. And videos circulating online showcased the extent of flooding at various transit stations.

Sections of the St. Laurent Shopping Centre closed off due to the flooding, although the majority of the mall remained open to the public.

Ottawas Intense Rainfall Aftermath

Beth Gooding, the city’s director of Public Safety Services, provided a silver lining amidst the Ottawa’s Intense Rainfall Aftermath, confirming that there were no storm-related injuries.

However, she did emphasize the persisting dangers in certain neighborhoods and mentioned that a comprehensive assessment of the affected streets was underway.

This rainfall event has etched itself in Ottawa’s history, setting a new record for August 10 and surpassing the previous high of 67 mm set back in 2004.

The summer has been marked by multiple significant weather events in Ottawa, including tornadoes and other bouts of heavy rainfall.

The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, reflecting on Ottawa’s Intense Rainfall Aftermath, has issued advisories about the seasonally high water levels along the Rideau River and its watershed due to the recent deluge. Residents are being urged to exercise utmost caution around all water bodies in the coming days.

Ottawa’s Intense Rainfall Aftermath: Deluge Causes Unprecedented Flooding