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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

7 Jul 2023


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The Aged Vanilla Lawsuit: A&W’s $15 Million Settlement Over Misleading Claims

The Aged Vanilla lawsuit, a case that has captured the attention of consumers and industry insiders alike, centers around A&W, a well-known brand of canned soft drinks owned by Keurig Dr Pepper. The company is set to pay a substantial $15 million due to misleading labeling on its products.

The lawsuit, filed in August 2020, alleges that A&W misled consumers by labeling some of its products as “Made With Aged Vanilla,” despite the drinks not containing this ingredient. Instead, the vanilla flavor predominantly comes from a synthetic ingredient called ethyl vanillin, leading to the Aged Vanilla lawsuit.

Aged Vanilla Lawsuit

The Aged Vanilla lawsuit has significant implications for consumers. According to the lawsuit, a survey conducted in March 2020 found that around 89% of 411 consumers believed the label implied the product vanilla flavored and that the flavor came predominantly from natural vanilla, not artificial sources.

This misleading labeling led to a judge preliminarily approving a settlement. As a result of the lawsuit, Keurig Dr Pepper is now required to compensate consumers. Who purchased the sodas potentially based on these misleading claims.

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Claiming Compensation in the Aged Vanilla Lawsuit

The Aged Vanilla lawsuit has resulted in a preliminary approval of a $15 million settlement. Consumers in the U.S. who purchased one or more A&W Root Beer or Cream Soda products labeled as “Made With Aged Vanilla” between February 7, 2016, and June 2, 2023, are eligible for compensation.

A valid claim submission will yield a minimum payment of $5.50, with additional compensation for those who can provide a receipt for their purchase. The maximum possible payout for one person is $25. Claims can be file on, marking a significant development in the lawsuit.

Aged Vanilla Lawsuit

The lawsuit primarily involves A&W’s canned soft drinks. But it’s important to distinguish between A&W’s beverage production and its restaurant operations.

A&W Restaurants, a fast-food chain that carries the same name and branding as the A&W soft drinks. Also it is a separate company from A&W Concentrate Company, which produces the root beer and cream soda.

A representative clarified that A&W Restaurants, Inc. operates separately from Keurig Dr Pepper. And does not make any claims regarding vanilla in their restaurant marketing. Also this distinction is a crucial aspect of understanding the scope and impact of the Aged Vanilla lawsuit.

The Aged Vanilla Lawsuit: A&W’s $15 Million Settlement Over Misleading Claims