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Oliver Brown

Oliver Brown

6th of October 2023



Putin’s Nuclear-Powered Missile Test: A New Era in Warfare?

During his speech, at the Valdai Forum, in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin made an announcement regarding the testing of a new era of nuclear powered cruise missiles.

The Putin’s Nuclear-Powered Missile Test involved the Burevestnik, a global-range cruise missile equipped with a nuclear propulsion system. This missile forms part of an initiative, introduced by Putin in March 2018 to create cutting edge hypersonic missiles.

This effort also includes the Kinzhal missile and the Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle. During his announcement Putin conveyed a message to the West; “Take note of our advancements.”

In his 2018 speech, to the Federal Assembly Putin stressed the objective behind these developments. He expressed that the aim was to maintain a balance for the foreseeable future by incorporating missiles like the Burevestnik and Sarmat.

When describing the Burevestnik Putin mentioned, “It’s a missile equipped with a warhead possessing virtually limitless range, an unpredictable trajectory and evasive capabilities, against interception.”

However, there have been challenges. Western analysts have pointed out that the Putin’s Nuclear-Powered Missile Test program has encountered issues, with several tests not meeting expectations. According to a report, by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) two out of 13 tests showed some level of success.

Russia’s Breakthrough In Putin’s Nuclear-Powered Missile Test

Putins Nuclear Powered Missile Test

During the Valdai Forum President Putin also discussed the issue of testing. He mentioned the possibility of Russia withdrawing its ratification from a treaty that prohibits tests. This action would be similar to what the United States did, by signing but not ratifying the treaty.

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, which was established in 1996 banned testing. While both the US and China signed it they have not yet ratified it. On the hand Moscow has already ratified it. President Putin hinted at a potential test if the US were to take the first step.

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Putin’s Nuclear-Powered Missile Test and its successful outcome signify Russia’s commitment to modernizing its arsenal. Putin claimed that Russia is, on the verge of mass producing these weapons and deploying them. He also acknowledged the importance of conducting tests to ensure the effectiveness of these armaments.

Recent satellite images reveal that Russia along with the United States and China has been expanding their nuclear testing facilities. This development occurs during a period of heightened tensions among these powers.

In a context Putin also addressed the conflict in Ukraine. He emphasized that the crisis is not about land but rooted in fundamental principles. According to him the refusal to uphold principles, such, as maintaining a global order often leads to conflicts.

Putin’s Nuclear-Powered Missile Test and the advancements in Russia’s military technology underscore the changing dynamics of global warfare and the strategic balance. The global community closely observes the unfolding of these events.

Putin’s Nuclear-Powered Missile Test: A New Era in Warfare?