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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

2 Jul 2023


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Twitter Experiences Widespread Disruptions as Elon Musk Implements Daily Tweet Limit

On Saturday, Twitter encountered significant disruptions as owner Elon Musk implemented restrictions on the daily tweet limit users could view in a day. This move, aimed at preventing unauthorized data scraping, limited most users to 600 tweets per day.

While the number of affected users was relatively small compared to Twitter’s vast user base. Over 7,500 people reported issues accessing the social media platform.

The hashtag #TwitterDown began trending in various regions, reflecting the widespread impact of the restrictions.

Elon Musk described the restrictions as a temporary measure to combat data pilfering. That had been degrading the service for regular users.

In a tweet, he explained that unverified accounts would be limited to reading 600 posts per day. While verified accounts could access up to 6,000 posts daily.

The implementation followed a recent change in Twitter’s policy, requiring users to log in to view tweets and profiles. Previously, anyone could browse the platform without a login.

As a result of the new restrictions, users risked being locked out of Twitter for the remainder of the day after scrolling through a few hundred tweets.

These limitations disrupted the normal flow of information and engagement on the platform. However, verified accounts, part of a subscription service introduced by Musk earlier this year, enjoyed a higher threshold for accessing tweets.

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Daily Tweet Limit and Twitter’s Revenue Challenges

Daily Tweet Limit

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter last year for $44 billion aimed to position the platform as the world’s digital town square. However, since then, the company has faced a decline in revenue, leading to workforce reductions and cost-cutting measures.

Advertisers reduced their spending on Twitter due to changes that allowed controversial and offensive content. Alienating a significant portion of the user base.

Musk’s appointment of former NBC Universal executive Linda Yaccarino as Twitter’s CEO aimed to win back advertisers and rejuvenate revenue growth.

This recent disruption is not the first to occur since Musk took over Twitter. In March, the platform experienced one of its largest outages, affecting over 8,000 users.

Such disruptions highlight the challenges of maintaining a smooth user experience on a platform with hundreds of millions of users.

Twitter users worldwide faced widespread disruptions as Elon Musk implemented a daily tweet limit to combat unauthorized data scraping. The restrictions led to user complaints and reports of access problems.

While the number of affected users was relatively small compared to the overall user base. The impact was significant enough to trend on social media.

The move comes as part of Musk’s efforts to revive Twitter’s revenue, which has declined since his acquisition of the platform.

By setting restrictions and introducing a subscription service, Musk aims to address revenue challenges and win back advertisers, ultimately ensuring the long-term sustainability of Twitter.

Twitter Experiences Widespread Disruptions as Elon Musk Implements Daily Tweet Limit