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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

20th of July 2023



Doctors Strike in England: Senior Doctors’ First Major Action in a Decade

A significant event is unfolding in England’s healthcare system. A 48-hour strike by senior hospital doctors, known as the Doctors Strike in England, is set to commence early on Thursday. This event has prompted warnings from NHS bosses about severe disruption.

Thousands of consultants are expect to walk out from 07:00 BST due to a dispute over pay. This strike marks the first time consultants have participated in strike action since 2012, making it a historical event in England’s medical field.

Limited Services During the Doctors Strike in England

The Doctors Strike in England will result in only emergency care and a small amount of routine work, known as Christmas Day cover, being provided. This strike comes just two days after a five-day walkout by junior doctors ended on Tuesday.

NHS England has expressed concern that the timing of the industrial action has left hospitals with little time to recover.

They claim that the senior-doctor walkout would have the most severe impact of any strike action so far this year.

Doctors Strike in England

The Doctors Strike in England has led to the postponement of thousands of planned appointments. Consultants will stop seeing many patients and will not be around to supervise the work of junior doctors.

 This could potentially lead to a significant impact on patient care and hospital operations. The strike underscores the tension between healthcare professionals and the government, and the potential consequences this can have on the public.

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The Reason Behind the Strike

The British Medical Association consultants’ committee chair, Dr Vishal Sharma, said members were “angry” and at “rock bottom” due to years of below-inflation pay rises. He stated, “We are under-valued and over-worked.

This government is failing us and failing patients.” However, Health Secretary Steve Barclay urged the profession to end the dispute, stating that the government had listened to their concerns.

Doctors Strike in England

Consultants plan more industrial action, on 24 and 25 August, unless a pay deal is agreed. This could potentially lead to further disruptions in patient care and hospital operations.

The Doctors Strike in England is a significant event that highlights the ongoing issues in England’s healthcare system. Stay safe and updated on the Doctors Strike in England.

Doctors Strike in England: Senior Doctors’ First Major Action in a Decade