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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

18th of July 2023



Rising Summer Childcare Costs: A £1,000 Challenge for UK Families

UK families are grappling with rising summer childcare costs, now averaging £943 per child, according to a recent survey. This increase in summer childcare costs is causing significant strain on working parents, especially with the stark price disparities across different regions of Britain.

The charity Coram Family and Childcare reports that families in central London are paying up to 25% more than those in the East of England. This situation has led to rising summer childcare costs becoming a pressing issue for families across the UK.

Rising Summer Childcare Costs

Melissa Gauge, a mother of two, expressed the desperation many parents feel due to unaffordable childcare. She highlighted the plight of those without the support of family or friends, who face dire situations.

The summer childcare costs have left many parents feeling “stuck and desperate.” This sentiment is echoed by many families who are struggling to manage the summer childcare costs.

The Disparity in Rising Summer Childcare Costs

Coram’s survey revealed that a British family will pay on average £943 for six weeks of holiday childcare for a school-age child, a 3% increase from last year. Private holiday clubs are almost a third more expensive than those run by local authorities.

This disparity in costs is another factor contributing to the burden of rising summer childcare costs. It’s clear that the summer childcare costs are a significant concern for families, particularly those who rely on private holiday clubs.

Rising Summer Childcare Costs

Parents in England have seen a 3% increase in costs, while those in Scotland face a 7% rise. The most significant increase, 9%, has been in Wales, where it will cost more than £1,000 per child for six weeks of childcare this summer.

These regional variations add to the complexity of managing summer childcare costs. The regional differences in the summer childcare costs further exacerbate the challenges faced by families.

The Struggle of Working Parents

Amelia Peckham, a mother of two boys and the founder of Cool Crutches, shared her struggle with managing childcare costs. She spends around £1,800 a month on childcare, with summer holidays being even more costly.

Despite the financial strain, she emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety and comfort of her children. Her story is a testament to the struggles of many working parents dealing with rising summer childcare costs.

Rising Summer Childcare Costs

Coram is urging the government to provide more support to families during school holidays. The Department for Education in England stated it was rolling out the single biggest investment in childcare in England ever.

However, this support only applies during term time, leaving families to bear the brunt of rising summer childcare costs. This highlights the need for more comprehensive solutions to address the issue of rising summer childcare costs.

Rising Summer Childcare Costs: A £1,000 Challenge for UK Families