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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

11th of June 2023



TikToker Trevor Rainbolt Gains Fame for Locating Bagel Shop’s Address Based on Video

Trevor Rainbolt, known for his ability to pinpoint precise locations from vague images, has risen to fame on social media platforms. Recently, he went viral after successfully identifying the address of a bagel shop featured in a video.

Rainbolt’s talent has garnered him millions of views on TikTok and YouTube. Where he accurately identifies the origin of various images and videos, showcasing his skill in geolocation.

Trevor Rainbolt video revealing the location of the bagel shop, New York City’s Bagel Market, gained significant attention on Twitter, with millions of views.

He not only identified the address but also named the sandwich after himself, referring to it as “the Rainbolt.”

The TikToker’s talent for identifying obscure locations has led to increased recognition and praise from social media users.

Rainbolt’s expertise in location accuracy developed through practice, intuition, and time spent using tools like GeoGuessr.

Also his skill has attracted attention from a thriving community of social media sleuths on TikTok. Who specialize in finding locations, sports games, and video games featured in movies and TV shows.

Tiktoker Trevor Rainbolt success highlights the growing popularity of this niche community. And its ability to capture the interest of mainstream audiences.

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Trevor Rainbolt, the TikToker with a Talent for Location Accuracy

Trevor Rainbolt

Trevor Rainbolt expressed his excitement about gaining recognition for his skill after sharing his abilities with a small audience on Twitch for a year.

Also the widespread appreciation for his talent has opened up new possibilities for him.

Additionally, Rainbolt’s success has inspired others to explore and engage with location accuracy challenges. Creating a vibrant online community dedicated to uncovering the origins of images and videos.

TikToker Trevor Rainbolt has gained fame for his ability to accurately locate specific locations based on obscure images.

His recent viral success involved identifying the address of a bagel shop featured in a video, earning praise and recognition from social media users.

Rainbolt’s talent reflects the growing interest in location accuracy challenges. And also has sparked a community dedicated to finding the origins of various visual content.

TikToker Trevor Rainbolt Gains Fame for Locating Bagel Shop’s Address Based on Video