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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

12 Feb 2023 Updated.


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The 10 Best Online Translation Sites

If you need a professional translation for your company, you can find many great options online translation sites. Some sites offer free translation services and others charge for translation. Which ones should you use?

Online Translation Sites-Google Translate

Online Translation Sites

Google Translate is a website that offers a quick, easy way to translate text into any language. It uses a statistical machine translation service to convert written word into any desired language.

The website can be used on the Web or on a mobile device. On the Web, users can select the language they would like to use and then input a sentence. Once the source is entered, the website will automatically display the translated phrase.

The mobile app, however, has more features and a better user interface. Users can also share their translation with others.

Google Translate has support for more than 100 languages. Besides translating text, it can also translate images. You can share your translation with other people, and you can even carry on a conversation with a person in another language.

Online Translation Sites-Microsoft Translator

Online Translation Sites

Microsoft Translator is an online translation sites and mobile service that supports more than 70 languages. This cloud service translates text, signs and images. It is integrated with various consumer and enterprise applications, including PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, Skype, Lync, and Bing.

It also includes a phrasebook, which covers a variety of topics, from travel to health. In addition, Microsoft has introduced a feedback feature that allows users to suggest translations.

The app is free and available on Android, iOS, Windows, and web browsers. Users can speak the language they want to translate into, or simply input text with the keyboard. Other participants can join the conversation using the Translator website or mobile app.

When you enter a word or phrase, the app will transcribe it in real time. To make the most of this feature, it’s best to use it in a place where there’s Wi-Fi or mobile data, such as a public library.

Online Translation Sites-SDL FreeTranslation

Online Translation Sites

One of the world’s largest vendors of language translation wares has got to be SDL. Among their many products and services they offer you a comprehensive set of language tools to match a broad range of needs and budgets. A well executed translation program can provide you with peace of mind that your translations are in the best possible hands. Whether you are in the market for a new language or just need to correct an error on the job, SDL has you covered. As a testament to their service, they have a plethora of free online training materials available for use in your own time.

Online Translation Sites-Reverso

Online Translation Sites

Reverso is an online translation sites that uses artificial intelligence. It is a free, comprehensive tool for a variety of languages. The program provides contextual translations, bilingual dictionaries, and more.

Reverso is developed by Softissimo Inc., an international technology firm that specializes in language tools. They also provide professional services for corporate translation management.

Reverso can be used on computers or on mobile devices. It offers a number of advantages over Google Translate. Firstly, it allows you to translate text from any website or application.

Another advantage of using Reverso is that it has a user-friendly interface. This is ideal for those who are just starting out with a foreign language. You can speak or type the word to be translated.

Reverso also has a spell checker. This is a particularly useful feature if you are writing essays. It works similar to Microsoft Word’s spellchecker. When a word is misspelled, a red line appears under it. If a correction is needed, the user is provided with suggestions on how to amend the word.


Online Translation Sites

Protranslate is an online translation sites platform that offers various language-related services. The site has been in operation since 2007. Its main focus is translation and localization. The site has a dedicated team of linguists, project managers, and engineering experts.

Its user interface is relatively simple. Customers can upload their documents by e-mail or through a mobile application. After uploading the files, customers can view their quote and estimated completion date. They can also choose the language they want their documents translated into.

Another useful feature is the word definitions and word glossary. This tool requires a sign-in. In addition, users can save the translated text and share it with others.

Protranslate has partnered with global brands and organizations. For example, the company provides a number of services for gaming and entertainment companies. Some of their other notable services include subtitling and voiceovers.

Online Translation Sites

The web based translation service known as offers its wares to a worldwide audience. This is not a professional translation firm; it relies on freelance translators to do the heavy lifting. A cursory survey of its online presence reveals that there are tens of thousands of English speaking translators scattered across the globe. It is also worth noting that the service is free for individual users.

The site has a wide array of offerings in various categories. From high end enterprise solutions to low budget retail services, this site’s offerings have the potential to improve your bottom line. Some of the more mundane tasks such as localization and document creation can be handled by automated tools. In addition, the company’s bespoke service is a good fit for your specific needs.


One of the most popular apps on the App Store, iTranslate offers users translation and communication services for a number of languages. It’s an essential tool for anyone who travels abroad.

The app has a simple user interface and supports a variety of languages. In addition to translation, iTranslate includes a dictionary for many languages, as well as flashcards for language learning. iTranslate supports voice translation and works on iOS and Mac. You can save the translations to the clipboard or share them via email or SMS.

iTranslate has an offline mode. This mode requires a subscription for $3 per month. When you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, iTranslate can translate text, photos, and more in up to forty different languages. Alternatively, you can transcribe audio by dictating into the app.


DeepL is a machine translation service developed by Linguee, a German company that specializes in text translation. It is backed by artificial intelligence and neural networks, which make it better than the average language tool.

In addition to translating text, the service can also translate images, audio, and speech. DeepL offers free and paid versions, with the latter being available for professional translators.

The company started out three years ago as a service for European languages, but has since expanded to more than two dozen languages, including Japanese. In 2018, the site added 21 new languages, and in March 2021, it will add Chinese and Japanese.

DeepL’s name is derived from the fact that it uses an artificial intelligence system to translate text. However, its output isn’t as good as that of a human translator, so a lot of what you read may not be accurate.


TranslateNow is an application that can translate any text into any language. The app can be downloaded for free. It supports more than 60 languages, and provides users with a variety of functionalities.

To achieve this feat, the app is built using Google’s translation technology. This allows it to perform voice and text translations, as well as a variety of other functions. The interface also features an option to paste a phrase into a box for translation.

Besides offering users with language translation, TranslateNow also specializes in technical and corporate translation services. The team has over 20 years of experience in the Asia market. They are considered experts in handling complicated translation projects.

Founded in 2016, the app is based in San Francisco, California. Aside from having operations in the United States, the company also maintains an office in Shenzhen, China.


If you are looking for an affordable and convenient way to translate text online, you should try Yandex.Translate. This online translation sites has an interface similar to Google Translate, but also offers a number of other features.

The translation system is based on self-learning statistical machine translation. It analyzes millions of texts and automatically determines the direction of translation. For example, if you enter a Russian text, the system will translate it to English.

In addition to translating words and sentences, the service also offers an image translation feature. You can use this service to translate your favorite Instagram photos into other languages.

The website can also be used for translating bahasa asing to bahasa Indonesia. However, there is an offline mode for users who do not have a connection to the Internet.

You can access the Yandex Translation page by clicking here.

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