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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

21 May 2023 Updated.


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Star Citizen Offers Free Week of Multiplayer Space Exploration in Invictus Launch Event

In celebration of Invictus Launch Week 2953, Cloud Imperium Games is offering a week-long opportunity to play Star Citizen, their multiplayer space game, completely free of charge. This event allows both new and existing players to explore the game and try out various new ships and vehicles for a limited time.

The Invictus Launch Week is an annual event that offers exciting experiences to players.

Newcomers to Star Citizen will have access to an enhanced new-player experience, featuring basic tutorials to help them survive and explore the vast universe.

The event showcases manufacturers unveiling their unique vehicle designs, including the Miray Fury, Fury MX, Tumbril, and The Lynx Rover.

This free promotion of game, along with other event-related activities, will be available until May 30 at approximately 5pm PST/8pm EST/1am BST/2am CEST.

The event takes place on planet ArcCorp, specifically within Area18, which is a primary commercial port in the game.

Starting at Area18 will allow players to benefit from the improved new-player experience and learn the basics of navigation on foot and in the skies before heading to the expo center.

Star Citizen

Enhanced New-Player Experience for Star Citizen Newcomers

During the Invictus Launch Week, Star Citizen aims to provide an enhanced new-player experience. The tutorials offered will equip newcomers with the necessary skills to navigate and survive in the expansive universe of the game.

This approach ensures that new players feel supported and can quickly adapt to the gameplay mechanics.

New Ships and Ground Vehicles Unveiled at Invictus Launch Week

The Invictus Launch Week features the debut of brand-new ships and ground vehicles in Star Citizen.

Players can get their hands on exciting additions like the Miray Fury, Fury MX, Tumbril, and The Lynx Rover, expanding their options for space exploration and ground travel.

This unveiling of cutting-edge vehicles adds depth to the game and offers a glimpse into the future of the Star Citizen universe.

During Invictus Launch Week, players also have the opportunity to test fly any military vehicle for free.

This allows them to experience the power and capabilities of these specialized vehicles, providing a taste of the thrilling gameplay that Star Citizen offers.

Star Citizen

Test Fly Military Vehicles and Explore Powerful Warships

Invictus Launch Week allows players to test fly any military vehicle in Star Citizen without cost. This opportunity enables players to experiment with different vehicles, familiarize themselves with their unique features, and decide which ones suit their playstyle best.

Additionally, they can explore the impressive warships, including the massive Aegis Javelin, witnessing the game’s scale and technological prowess.

Share Referral Codes for Bonus Currency for Star Citizen

Veteran pilots in game can maximize the benefits of the Invictus Launch Week by sharing their referral codes.

By inviting new players using their referral codes, veterans can earn bonus currency while helping newcomers get started in the game.

This system fosters a sense of community and encourages experienced players to assist and guide those who are just beginning their journey in the Star Citizen universe.

For those interested in Star Citizen, it’s an excellent opportunity to join the space adventure. The game offers a unique multiplayer experience, and this event provides a chance to try it out firsthand.

To learn more about Star Citizen and its upcoming features, you can also check out the recent Star Citizen patch 3.19.

Overall, Star Citizen’s free week during the Invictus Launch Event is an exciting opportunity for players to engage in multiplayer space exploration.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran pilot, don’t miss out on this chance to dive into the immersive universe of Star Citizen and experience its thrilling gameplay.

Star Citizen Offers Free Week of Multiplayer Space Exploration in Invictus Launch Event