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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

28th of May 2023



Starbucks Introduces Olive Oil-Infused Coffee Series in Dubai

Starbucks has unveiled its latest olive oil-infused coffee series infused with Partanna extra virgin olive oil in Dubai. Inspired by the Mediterranean practice of consuming a spoonful of olive oil daily. The Oleato series was initially launched in Italy in February.

Former CEO Howard Schultz, after adding olive oil to his morning coffee, discovered a unique flavor. And texture that led to the creation of these innovative Starbucks beverages.

Schultz expressed his astonishment at the distinctive taste and texture achieved. When the Partanna extra virgin olive oil combined with Starbucks coffee.

While the original Milan launch included five Oleato products, the availability varied in other markets.

Such as the US, UK, and Japan. In Dubai, two Oleato beverages will be offered in 30 stores across the city.

A cold brew with olive oil-infused cold foam and an iced, shaken espresso with olive oil-infused oat milk.

Following their introduction in Dubai, the two Oleato drinks are already available in select stores in Riyadh, and Starbucks in Kuwait will also feature them starting from Sunday.

The National has sought further information regarding the potential availability of these beverages in other parts of the UAE.

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Starbucks Debuts Olive Oil-Infused Coffee Series

Olive Oil-Infused Coffee

After Schultz shared his olive oil-infused coffee idea with Starbucks headquarters in Seattle, beverage developer Amy Dilger began exploring the world of olives and their significance in Italian culture.

The Starbucks products feature Nocellara del Belice or Castelvetrano olives known for their vibrant and buttery notes.

The Castelvetrano olives, with their sweet and buttery profile, complement Starbucks coffee, providing a velvety and rich flavor combination.

Dilger highlights the unique quality of the Castelvetrano olives, describing their sweet and buttery characteristics.

This buttery smooth richness blends exceptionally well with Starbucks coffee, reminiscent of the flavors found in buttery caramels that accompany the beverage.

The infusion of olive oil adds a delightful, lingering buttery taste that enhances the overall coffee experience.

Starbucks introduces its innovative olive oil-infused coffee series in Dubai, drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean tradition of incorporating olive oil into daily consumption.

With the launch of the Oleato series, Starbucks offers two distinctive beverages infused with Partanna extra virgin olive oil, providing a velvety and buttery flavor profile.

Initially available in select stores in Dubai, the series will also make its way to Starbucks locations in Riyadh and Kuwait.

The introduction of this unique flavor combination demonstrates Starbucks’ commitment to exploring new taste experiences for coffee lovers.

Starbucks Introduces Olive Oil-Infused Coffee Series in Dubai