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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

5 Mar 2023 Updated.


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Strangest Inventions in History

Throughout human history, there have been many strangest inventions in history that have improved everyday life, and also a few that have changed the world. Some have been useful, while others have been silly, absurd, and downright dangerous. There have also been some that have failed to make it out of prototype stage.

Radio-controlled Lawn Mower

Strangest Inventions in History

The strangest inventions in history is a novel remotely controlled lawn mower with a small set of parts. It has a multi-channel transmitter, receiver, engine and blade to drive it.

One feature is a steering wheel that can rotate up to about a half-turn. Another is a forward/backward speed control that responds to a signal from the transmitter.

Other features may include wheel adjustments for mowing height, cutting height adjusters, or frustrationo-conical wheel projections to help the mower get past uneven terrain.

A remote controlled lawn mower is usually propelled by two battery powered electric motors. These motors will propel the lawn mower through the air at a speed of around two miles per hour.

TV Dinners

Strangest Inventions in History

If you think of a TV dinner as an easy to eat frozen meal, you’re missing the mark. Television dinners have transformed the way Americans eat. They are quick, tasty, and convenient.

The first commercially available TV dinner was manufactured by Swanson, a company that sold frozen meals. The frozen meals were served in a specially designed tray. Various vegetables were placed in separate compartments. A piece of potato was also included.

Swanson sold millions of frozen dinners in the first year of production. In addition, a marketing campaign helped them become the number one brand in the market. This success gave them the opportunity to rename their product.

Bathing Suits

Strangest Inventions in History

A bathing suit may not be the first thing you think of when considering the most strangest inventions in history, but they do indeed have a long and colorful history. They are actually a multifaceted garment with many layers and styles. The early ones incorporated elements of a bathing tent to give privacy to sultry bathers.

Although the modern day swimsuit has its fair share of naysayers, there are still plenty of reasons to take a dip. In fact, you might be a better swimmer if you wear one. While the concept of a bathing machine might sound dated to the millennials, it wasn’t so in the early days of the British Empire.

Bathing gowns were the norm in the 19th century, with most women wearing woolen or flannel ones in the water. Their linoleum based counterparts were a bit more streamlined. For a while, the flimsy tyre clad arm bands were used for swimming lessons.

One-wheeled Motorcycle Strangest Inventions in History

Strangest Inventions in History

The one-wheeled motorcycle was not the first motorized vehicle to be invented. Bicycles had been around for about half a century before the invention of the motorcycle.

In the late 19th century, engineers began to experiment with treadles, pedals, and quadricycles. These vehicles were not very practical.

However, they were an exciting new form of transportation. Many proposed that they be powered by a single wheel. A lot of proposals included a rider inside the wheel. But monowheels were never as efficient as their duel-wheeled predecessor.

One inventor’s design was patented. He claimed to have invented a machine that could reach speeds of 93 miles per hour. Several years later, a picture of his monowheel appeared in a magazine.

Another inventor claimed to have invented a unicycle. His device had a twelve-foot diameter wheel. It was also a stilted design.

Christie’s concept was featured in Popular Science Monthly in April 1923. It was designed to use a 250-hp airplane engine. This design also had 500-pound gyro wheels.

Baby Carriage That Protects The Baby From Chemical Attacks

Strangest Inventions in History

For the modern slacker, the baby carriage has a long and storied history. First and foremost, the modern era’s version of the traditional baby cart, known as the crate, owes much of its success to Emile Eberle, an enterprising Swiss engineer with a taste for innovation.

Nevertheless, while there were a host of baby-centric innovations in the twentieth century, the first baby cart was not invented until World War II, and it lasted until the ‘thirties.

During the war, the Germans were a little more reticent about their chemical weaponry, and it was the United States in particular that turned out the lion’s share of the world’s first gas grenades.

While these were a far cry from the horrorshows of old, the ensuing post-war renaissance brought about the invention of a gas hose, and the evolution of the gaseous chemical hazard into the modern era was akin to the advent of a newborn fetus.

Wheelbarrows- Is it Strangest Inventions in History?

Strangest Inventions in History

Wheelbarrows have been around for centuries. They are a simple device that allows the operator to carry heavy loads over long distances. The device is also used to transport many different types of burdens.

In the past, wheelbarrows were made of bamboo, but they have since been replaced with lighter materials. Nowadays, most wheelbarrows are manufactured out of metal.

Before the invention of the wheel, rope was used to carry loads. The wheel was invented sometime between 3200 BC and 3200 CE. It was first utilized in Mesopotamian chariots.

There were also early wheelbarrows that were made of sails. These were also very useful.


Strangest Inventions in History

Chainsaws are strangest inventions in history that have come a long way since their earliest beginnings. They are also a well-used tool around the world. However, how did they get started?

The first chainsaw was invented by two Scottish doctors in the late 18th century. It was designed to cut through a woman’s pelvis to make room for a baby to be born. This procedure, called symphysiotomy, was painful and time-consuming.

Symphysiotomy became less common in the 19th century. But still, it was a major operation. Doctors would use a small saw to widen the pelvic opening for a child to be born.

In the past, doctors used sharp knives to widen the pelvic opening. Unfortunately, knives weren’t very effective for cutting bone.

Before the invention of anesthesia, giving birth was a dangerous undertaking. Anesthesia and other improvements to hospital hygiene helped make childbirth safer, but the procedure was still very uncomfortable.

Slinky Bridges-Strangest Inventions in History

Strangest Inventions in History

The slinky was invented by mechanical engineer Richard James. He figured out that coiled wires trumped cables in a race to develop a slick looking toy. One of the more intriguing uses of the slinky is that it was used as a portable radio antenna.

It was a fun little contraption to say the least. Not many people are able to claim to have invented the slinky, but they are capable of a few slinky related shenanigans.

A few years later, the slinky was sold to a company in Plymouth, Michigan called Poof Products Inc. whose products include sports balls and foam gadgets, among other gizmos. Some of the slinky’s earliest aficionados were smack dab in the middle of a religious cult.

Ice Masks

Strangest Inventions in History

There are many different types of masks, from ski masks to ice masks. These devices are usually functional protective devices, but also have magical powers. Some masks redecorate features with hidden desires.

Masks can affect the mind and affect people’s behavior. They can influence a person’s subconscious, and they can make people act on their darkest impulses.

Masks can cause people to become extremely insecure. They can even lead to the emergence of an alter ego that acts independently. This alter ego may have a desire to harm others, or to make them feel inferior.

Ice masks are a type of mask that was invented by Max Factor in 1947. They were originally designed to cool a person’s face. But they are now used to inflict damage on the user’s emotions and brain.

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Strangest Inventions in History