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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

6 Aug 2023


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Canadian Military Modernization: Ipsos Poll Reveals Public Desire for Change

The topic of Canadian military modernization has been at the forefront of many discussions, especially in light of recent global events. A new Ipsos poll, conducted exclusively for Global News, delves deep into Canadians’ views on this matter. The findings are both revealing and concerning.

The Current State and the Need for Canadian Military Modernization

A significant 56% of respondents view the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) as “old and antiquated.” This sentiment is not isolated.

A defense department survey from late 2022 to early 2023 echoed similar concerns, with only one in five Canadians perceiving the CAF as a modern entity. A notable 29% even labeled it as outdated. These figures underscore the urgent need for military modernization.

Canadian Military Modernization

Darrell Bricker, Ipsos CEO, highlighted a potential solution that resonated with many respondents: increased funding.

The majority believe that with adequate financial support and reduced political interference. The path to Canadian military modernization can be clearer.

A substantial 75% of those surveyed advocate for a boost in defense spending. Emphasizing Canada’s need to protect its territory and sovereignty.

Global Events Amplifying the Call

The call for military modernization isn’t just a domestic issue. International events, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (cited by 71% of respondents) and China’s maneuvers in the Taiwan Strait (noted by 69%), have amplified Canadians’ concerns.

These global incidents underscore the importance of Canadian military modernization. Ensuring that the nation remains prepared and resilient in the face of external threats.

The poll also unveiled a generational divide in defense perspectives. While 36% of the younger generation (aged 18 to 34) believe Canada should lean on the U.S. for defense. Only 12% of those 55 and older share this view.

Canadian Military Modernization

However, the shared consensus across ages is clear: Canadian military modernization is essential. The younger group, with 66% in agreement, leans towards allocating funds to other domestic issues, but 41% of the older generation echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the balance between defense and other national priorities.

The Arctic region has emerged as a strategic point of concern in discussions about Canadian military modernization.

With melting polar ice creating new shipping routes and geopolitical tensions rising, 83% of respondents support military monitoring of all ship traffic through the Northwest Passage.

Additionally, 73% advocate for more military bases in the Arctic, emphasizing the region’s importance in the broader context of Canadian military modernization.

The Ipsos poll has shed light on the public’s growing concern and the pressing need for Canadian military modernization.

As global events continue to unfold and influence national perspectives, the call for a modern, resilient, and well-funded military becomes ever more crucial.

Canadian Military Modernization: Ipsos Poll Reveals Public Desire for Change