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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

Updated On 29th of June 2023.



The Florida Panthers Face Uphill Battle, Trailing 0-2 in Stanley Cup Final

The Florida Panthers have become accustomed to defying expectations throughout their season. And now they face yet another daunting challenge in the Stanley Cup Final.

After battling their way into the playoffs as the lowest seed and overcoming a record-setting Boston team in Round 1. The Panthers find themselves down 2-0 to the Vegas Golden Knights.

Returning to home ice, they aim to ignite another remarkable turnaround and reestablish their position in the pursuit of hockey’s ultimate prize.

Florida’s season has been defined by remarkable comebacks, and the team’s veterans understand the task at hand.

Marc Staal, a seasoned player, acknowledges the team’s desperation and emphasizes their commitment to approaching each game with a one-at-a-time mentality.

Despite the 2-0 deficit, the Panthers remain confident in their resiliency. And plan to deliver their best effort in the upcoming game.

The Steep Odds

Undeniably, the odds are stacked against the Panthers in their quest for victory:

  • The Panthers have historically won only four out of 12 matchups against Vegas, meaning they must now win four out of the next five games to secure the Cup.
  • They have been outscored 10-2 in the past four periods against Vegas.
  • Matthew Tkachuk has accumulated more misconduct penalties than points in the series.
  • Former Panthers Jonathan Marchessault and Reilly Smith have collectively scored as many goals as the entire current Panthers team in the series.
  • Vegas has not lost four out of five games since January.
  • Teams that begin a Stanley Cup Final with two home wins have won the Cup in 38 out of 41 previous instances.
The Florida Panthers

A History of Overcoming Adversity of The Florida Panthers

Nevertheless, the Panthers have established a reputation for defying the odds. They have triumphed in challenging situations throughout the season, such as securing the final Eastern Conference playoff spot by going on a late-season stretch of 6-0-1.

They also rallied to win three elimination games against the formidable Boston team in Round 1 and triumphed in a four-overtime victory against Carolina in the East final.

The Panthers’ ability to rise to the occasion gives them hope and determination in the face of their current deficit.

The Florida Panthers recognize the need for improvement as they strive to turn the series around. Panthers captain Aleksander Barkov emphasizes the importance of working harder, smarter, and finding ways to win games.

The team understands that success requires collective effort and a commitment to raising their performance.

Despite the challenging circumstances, the Panthers maintain unwavering belief in their abilities. They acknowledge the strength of the Vegas team but refuse to doubt themselves.

The Panthers have consistently made things tough throughout the year and are determined to play the hand they’ve been dealt.

The Florida Panthers find themselves in a familiar position, trailing 0-2 in the Stanley Cup Final against the Vegas Golden Knights.

However, their history of defying expectations and overcoming adversity fuels their determination to stage yet another remarkable comeback.

The Panthers understand the challenges they face but remain confident in their resilience and unwavering belief. They are ready to battle back and play their best hockey to keep their championship hopes alive.

The Florida Panthers Face Uphill Battle, Trailing 0-2 in Stanley Cup Final