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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

17 Aug 2023


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Lottie Moss Adam Collard Romance: Celebs Go Dating Stars Spark Rumors

Lottie Moss, a participant in this year’s series of the E4 show Celebs Go Dating, has addressed the rumors surrounding her relationship with co-star Adam Collard. The Lottie Moss Adam Collard romance speculation has been fueled by their cozy appearances together and secret dates.

Secret Dates and Cozy Moments Fuel Lottie Moss Adam Collard Romance Speculation

Lottie Moss Adam Collard Romance

The pair were seen looking cozy in central London, adding to the Lottie Moss Adam Collard romance rumors.

Speaking to The Sun at the official launch event for the new series of Celebs Go Dating, Lottie said of Adam: “Well he’s a lovely guy. We really care about each other.” When asked if there is a romance on the cards, Lottie said: “There could be. You never know. You never know.”

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Celebs Go Dating’s History of Unexpected Lottie Moss Adam Collard Romance

Since the dating show premiered in 2016, the relationship experts have discouraged celebrities from hooking up with each other.

Lottie Moss Adam Collard Romance

However, the famous faces never seem to listen, leading to a number of unexpected Lottie Moss Adam Collard Romance. Lottie commented on this trend, saying, “I mean, it happens every time though. It’s really like a curse of the show, like every time there are two celebrities!”

Lottie and Adam’s Connection on the Show

Lottie Moss Adam Collard Romance

Earlier this month, The Sun exclusively revealed that Lottie and Adam threw the show into chaos by sneaking out on secret dates.

Lottie Moss Adam Collard Romance set tongues wagging amongst the cast after it became clear they had eyes for each other. A source exclusively told The Sun: “It’s been a dynamic and explosive mix of celebs and there was an instant attraction between Lottie and Adam. They have really hit it off behind the scenes.”

Lottie’s Thoughts on Her Type and OnlyFans

Lottie has also opened up about her type, revealing that she usually goes for skinny guys with tattoos, including face tattoos.

However, she noted that her preferences have changed as she has become happier with herself, and she now finds herself attracted to more decent guys.

Lottie Moss Adam Collard Romance

Lottie also spoke about how posing for racy content on OnlyFans hasn’t hindered her finding love, and her potential lovers often ask to get involved with it.

She said, “Most guys I date are like ‘oh my god can I do it too? Can I do it with you?’ They want to do it with me! You’d be surprised. 99 per cent of the time they’re up for it!”

Lottie Moss Addresses Rumors and Speculation

Lottie has been the subject of various rumors and speculations, including gossip about her partying with TV star Spencer Matthews, who is married to Vogue Williams.

She laughed off the rumors, stating that nothing happened between them at a wedding. When asked about her connection with Adam, Lottie replied: “You’ll have to watch and find out!”

The new series of Celebs Go Dating is set to launch on Sunday, August 20th, at 9 pm on E4. Viewers can watch live or stream daily to catch all the drama, romance, and unexpected connections between the celebrities.

The Lottie Moss Adam Collard romance rumors have added to the intrigue and excitement surrounding the new series of Celebs Go Dating. As viewers eagerly await the premiere, the speculation about Lottie and Adam’s relationship continues to make headlines.

With the Lottie Moss Adam Collard romance rumors continuing to circulate. Fans are curious to see how their relationship will evolve beyond the show. Will their connection last, or will it fizzle out once the cameras stop rolling? Only time will tell.

Lottie Moss Adam Collard Romance: Celebs Go Dating Stars Spark Rumors