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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

2 Apr 2023 Updated.


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The Mystic Monk Coffee Story: A Heavenly Brew

Not your typical coffee company, Mystic Monk Coffee is unique. The brand offers a distinctive fusion of high-quality coffee with monastic heritage and was established by a group of Carmelite monks in Wyoming.

We’ll now go into the background of Mystic Monk Coffee, examine their distinctive brewing method, and highlight the positive effects the business has had on the neighbourhood.

The Story of Mystic Monk Coffee

Father Daniel Mary had a vision while meditating in the Wyoming mountain range that inspired the creation of Mystic Monk Coffee. In order to carry out their religious obligations, the Carmelite monks, who were then residing in a small house, he thought, needed a larger monastery.

The monks were able to buy an abandoned ranch and turn it into a monastery with the aid of the Catholic community.

Mystic Monk Coffee

The monks started planning methods to help their expanding community as soon as they had settled into their new residence. After seeing how the monks in Europe used coffee to finance their monasteries, Father Daniel Mary got the notion to sell coffee.

Following in their footsteps, the Carmelite monks founded Mystic Monk Coffee, a business that would aid their monastery and neighbourhood.

With only a few coffee blends at first, Mystic Monk Coffee quickly gained popularity. Because to their limited resources and equipment, the company had trouble growing its production.

Yet, the monks persisted and eventually succeeded in growing their business, in part because of the encouragement of their patrons.

Youtube Video About Mystic Monk Coffee

The Coffee and the Process

A range of blends and tastes, each with a distinct flavour and personality, are available from Mystic Monk Coffee. Mystic Monk Mix, Cowboy Blend, and also Mystic Monk Hazelnut are among of their most well-known blends.

Also, the business offers a number of seasonal tastes and blends, like Pumpkin Spice and Christmas Blend.

The Carmelite monks take great care to select only the best coffee beans when procuring them. Little farms all across the world supply the beans, and the monks make sure to pay the farmers fairly. To guarantee the beans’ optimal freshness and flavour, the roasting is done in small quantities.

Mystic Monk Coffee

Small-batch roasting ensures that the coffee is constantly fresh, and Mystic Monk Coffee takes great delight in this process. The beans are roasted using a conventional drum roaster, which gives the roasting process and also more control.

The monks take the time to taste each batch of coffee to make sure it meets their exacting standards because they are committed to making every cup of coffee great.

The Flavors of Mystic Monk Coffee

Here’s a table that summarizes the different flavors of Mystic Monk Coffee:

FlavorRoast LevelFlavor Profile
Mystic Monk BlendMediumRich and smooth with notes of chocolate and caramel
Cowboy BlendDarkBold and robust with hints of smoky flavor
Mystic Monk HazelnutMediumSweet and nutty flavor of hazelnut
Mystic Monk Breakfast BlendLightBright and crisp flavor, perfect for starting your day
Mystic Monk Midnight VigilsDarkBold and smoky flavor, perfect for those who prefer a stronger taste
Mystic Monk Royal Rum PecanMediumFlavor of pecans and a hint of rum
Mystic Monk Vanilla NutMediumCreamy vanilla flavor and a nutty finish
Mystic Monk Chocolate Cherry  MediumRich chocolate flavor with a hint of cherry

Mystic Monk Blend

Mystic Monk Coffee

The distinctive blend of Mystic Monk Coffee is called Mystic Monk Blend. It is a full-bodied blend with caramel and chocolate undertones.

This 100% Arabica medium roast coffee is ideal for individuals who like a flavour that is well-balanced and full-bodied.

You can reach this unique taste by clicking here.

Cowboy Blend

Mystic Monk Coffee

Cowboy Blend is the ideal option if you desire a bolder and stronger flavour. This dark roast coffee offers a strong finish, a robust flavour, and also traces of smoke. It is created from a combination of Central and South American beans and is ideal for individuals who want a strong and also daring flavour.

You can reach this unique taste by clicking here.

Mystic Monk Hazelnut

Mystic Monk Coffee

Mystic Monk Hazelnut is a fantastic option for individuals who adore the sweet and nutty flavour of hazelnut. This medium roast coffee has a mouthwatering aroma and a flavour that is smooth and sweet with nutty undertones. It is ideal for individuals who wish to sweeten their morning coffee just a little bit.

You can reach this unique taste by clicking here.

Mystic Monk Breakfast Blend

Mystic Monk Coffee

Mystic Monk Breakfast Mix is the best option if you like a lighter and milder flavour. The flavour of this light roast coffee is bright and also crisp, making it ideal for the morning.

It is ideal for those who enjoy a moderate and smooth flavour because it is composed entirely of Arabica beans.

You can reach this unique taste by clicking here.

Mystic Monk Midnight Vigils

Mystic Monk Coffee

Dark roast coffee called Mystic Monk Midnight Vigils is ideal for people who like a stronger flavour. The strong, smoky flavour of this coffee is also excellent for waking you up in the morning or for sipping after supper.

For those who love a potent and powerful flavour, this blend of Central and South American beans is ideal.

You can reach this unique taste by clicking here.

Mystic Monk Royal Rum Pecan

Mystic Monk Coffee

The ideal option is Mystic Monk Royal Rum Pecan for individuals who also prefer a more distinctive flavour. For those looking to try something new, this medium roast coffee with pecan and rum undertones is ideal.

It is ideal for individuals who wish to add a touch of elegance to their coffee because it is prepared entirely from Arabica beans.

You can reach this unique taste by clicking here.

Mystic Monk Vanilla Nut

Mystic Monk Coffee

Mystic Monk Vanilla Nut is the ideal flavour if you like things sweet and creamy. This medium roast coffee is ideal for individuals who wish to indulge in a sweet and tasty coffee since it has a creamy vanilla flavour and a nutty finish.

It is ideal for those who love a sweet and creamy flavour because it is composed entirely of Arabica beans.

You can reach this unique taste by clicking here.

Mystic Monk Chocolate Cherry

A medium roast coffee with a rich chocolate flavour and a tinge of cherry is called Mystic Monk Chocolate Cherry. If you enjoy the flavours of chocolate and cherries and want to treat yourself to a special cup of coffee, this is the beverage for you.

It is ideal for individuals who wish to delight in a sweet and pleasant flavour because it is manufactured entirely from Arabica beans.

The Impact of Mystic Monk Coffee

The Carmelite community has benefited greatly from Mystic Monk Coffee since it has given them a way to finance their religious obligations and grow their monastery.

The monks are now able to lead more independent lives and use the company’s earnings to fund charity causes and other organisations.

The local economy has benefited from Mystic Monk Coffee as well, as it has created jobs and helped out neighbouring businesses.

The business is a major force in the neighborhood’s coffee industry, and its presence has helped make Wyoming known as a destination for coffee enthusiasts.

Mystic Monk Coffee is an example of the Carmelite monks’ dedication to leading sustainable lives. The business works with suppliers who share their dedication to sustainability and uses biodegradable bags and packaging. The business is also committed to decreasing waste in its operations and lowering its carbon footprint.

The Future of Mystic Monk Coffee

Mystic Monk Coffee has big plans for the future, like growing their business and appealing to more people. The business is dedicated to upholding its objective of helping the Carmelite community and humanitarian causes, and it hopes that in the years to come it will have an even bigger impact on the globe.

Mystic Monk Coffee has the potential to experience rapid growth in the years to come thanks to their dedication to tradition and high quality.

The business has already established a reputation for itself in the speciality coffee market, and they are in a good position to grow and expand their business.

Mystic Monk Coffee is dedicated to its purpose of helping the Carmelite community and leading a sustainable lifestyle, regardless of how much it expands.

In addition to continuing to use the company’s income to assist charity causes and other organisations, the monks are committed to upholding the standard and tradition of their coffee.

Final Thought

Mystic Monk Coffee is more than just a coffee company – it is a reflection of the values and traditions of the Carmelite community. From their commitment to quality and sustainability to their dedication to supporting charitable causes, the company is a testament to the power of faith and hard work.

If you haven’t tried Mystic Monk Coffee yet, we encourage you to do so – not only will you enjoy a heavenly brew, but you’ll be supporting a worthy cause as well.

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Is Mystic Monk Coffee made by monks?

Yes, monks do do produce Mystic Monk Coffee. In particular, it is produced by the Wyoming Carmelite Monks, who hand-roast and package the coffee in their monastery.

Where does Mystic Monk Coffee come from?

The Carmelite Monks of Wyoming, who roast and package the coffee in their monastery tucked away in the isolated highlands of northern Wyoming, USA, are the source of Mystic Monk Coffee.

Is Mystic Monk Coffee strategy a money maker?

Mystic Monk Coffee is sold, although its main goal is not to gain money. The Carmelite Monks sell coffee to support their mission and lifestyle. Nonetheless, Mystic Monk Coffee has helped the monastery expand and serve their community.

Who owns Mystic Monk Coffee?

Owners of Mystic Monk Coffee are Wyoming-based Carmelite monks.

Is Mystic Monk Coffee Organic?

The Carmelite Monks of Wyoming use premium, specialty-grade coffee beans that are purchased from ethical and sustainable vendors even if Mystic Monk Coffee is not organically certified. In order to maintain freshness and flavour, the coffee is also roasted in small amounts.

The Mystic Monk Coffee Story: A Heavenly Brew