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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

21st of July 2023



Trudeau’s Concerns About Netanyahu: A Stand for International Law

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has voiced his concerns about Israel’s policies under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu. Trudeau’s Concerns About Netanyahu stem from the ongoing illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Which are in violation of international law. Trudeau has been vocal about these concerns, expressing his opposition to these settlements and urging for peace in the region.

Trudeau's Concerns About Netanyahu

Despite being a steadfast friend of Israel, Canada has points of disagreement with the country. Primarily due to its settlement activities. Trudeau’s Concerns About Netanyahu have led to a reiteration of Canada’s opposition to these illegal settlements.

He has called for de-escalation and peace, standing against the violence affecting both Israelis and Palestinians. This stance has had a significant impact on the relationship between Canada and Israel, highlighting the complexities of international diplomacy.

The Escalation of Military Raids and Trudeau’s Concerns About Netanyahu

Israel has escalated its military raids in the West Bank. Leading to the death of at least 177 Palestinians this year. Netanyahu’s far-right government has also increased settlement activities and pushed to legalise outposts that had been illegal under Israeli law.

These actions have intensified Trudeau’s Concerns About Netanyahu, leading him to voice his opposition more strongly. The escalation of military raids and the increase in settlement activities have been a major point of contention in Trudeau’s relationship with Netanyahu.

Trudeau's Concerns About Netanyahu

Canada, unlike the United States, has not moved its embassy to Jerusalem and does not recognise East Jerusalem and Syria’s Golan Heights as Israeli territories.

Trudeau’s Concerns About Netanyahu have led Canada to join Australia and the United Kingdom in expressing concerns about settlement expansion, viewing it as an obstacle to peace. This stance reflects Canada’s commitment to international law and its willingness to voice its concerns on the global stage.

Concerns About the Israeli Judiciary

Trudeau has also criticised Netanyahu’s push to overhaul the country’s judiciary. Which critics have said would all but scrap the courts’ oversight over the government and weaken the rule of law.

Trudeau’s Concerns About Netanyahu extend to this judicial reform, and he has encouraged Netanyahu to seek “greater consensus” for the plan. This criticism reflects Trudeau’s commitment to the rule of law and his belief in the importance of judicial independence.

Trudeaus Concerns About Netanyahu

Trudeau’s Concerns About Netanyahu have brought the issue of Israel’s governance into the spotlight. It remains to be seen how this will impact the public perception of Israel and the ongoing discussions about the future of its policies.

Trudeau’s Concerns About Netanyahu could have long-lasting effects on the political landscape of Israel and its international relations.

These concerns highlight the challenges faced by world leaders in navigating complex international issues and the importance of standing up for international law and human rights.

Trudeau’s Concerns About Netanyahu: A Stand for International Law