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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

23rd of May 2023



Goldman Sachs Report Highlights Job Mismatch as a Cause of Youth Unemployment in China”

Youth unemployment in China has become a pressing issue, with a recent Goldman Sachs report emphasizing the significance of addressing the challenges faced by young people seeking employment.

The report highlights the root cause of this problem. A notable mismatch between the majors pursued by Chinese youth and the available job opportunities in the labor market.

Regulatory changes and industry shifts have played a substantial role in exacerbating the issue of youth unemployment in China.

Sectors such as education and information technology, which typically attract young workers, have experienced a decline in labor demand due to regulatory changes. And the crackdown on tech companies and real estate developers.

This has led to a significant mismatch between the skills possessed by graduates and the requirements of available jobs.

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Youth Unemployment in China: A Major Concern

Youth Unemployment in China

China’s overall economic growth has remained sluggish, even after the easing of Covid-related restrictions. Against this backdrop, the youth unemployment rate has reached record levels, surpassing the overall jobless rate in Chinese cities.

The report underlines that youth unemployment could remain high in the coming years. As uncertainties about future income continue to impact retail sales and consumption.

Recognizing the urgency of the issue, Chinese authorities have made addressing youth unemployment a priority.

Policymakers are focusing on expanding vocational training opportunities to bridge the gap between the majors pursued. By young graduates and the skills demanded by the job market.

Additionally, there is potential for growth in the services sector. Which currently accounts for less than half of all jobs in China.

Expanding this sector could create more employment opportunities for young people and alleviate the mismatch between their skills and available jobs.

The issue of youth unemployment in China is of paramount importance, particularly in the context of an aging population.

As the labor force faces challenges in finding suitable employment, it becomes imperative to find effective solutions to unlock the potential of young workers and drive the economy forward.

By addressing the job mismatch, expanding vocational training, and promoting growth in key sectors, China can work towards reducing youth unemployment and fostering a more inclusive and vibrant economy.

Goldman Sachs Report Highlights Job Mismatch as a Cause of Youth Unemployment in China”