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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

5th of July 2023



Drone Industry Events: Discover Drone Swarm Programming and More!

Welcome to a week filled with exciting drone industry events that offer unparalleled insights into the world of commercial drones. From thought-provoking discussions on drone swarm programming to exploring legal considerations.

These events provide excellent opportunities to expand your knowledge and connect with industry experts. Join us as we highlight some of the standout drone events taking place from July 3 to July 9, 2023.

Drone Industry Events Wednesday, July 5

Dawn of Drones: Carahsoft’s Director of Autonomy and Robotics, Lacey Wean, will be the special guest speaker at 11 AM EST. This drone industry events promises to offer unique perspectives on the future of drones and their impact on various industries.

Drone Swarm Programming Drone Software Meetup: Join RIIS President Godfrey Nolan at 7:00 PM EST for an engaging meetup focused on drone swarm programming. Discover the latest advancements in drone software and learn how drone swarms can revolutionize various applications.

Drone Industry Events

Events Thursday, July 6

Drone Law Connections on #Clubhouse: Eric Richard and Aaron Parker, co-founders of Argos Academy, will be hosting. A discussion on the legal aspects of drones at 1 PM EST.

Explore the evolving regulations, privacy concerns, and the intersection of law and technology in the drone industry.

Europe! Amsterdam Drone Week Industry Update: Drone in Business: Tune in to this event at 10 AM CET, where FlyBy Guys’ Stephen Sutton will provide an insightful drone industry events update.

Discover how drones are transforming businesses in Europe and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations.

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Drone Industry Events Saturday, July 8

Fly-In Drones-CFIT and Traffic Patterns FAASTeam Seminar: Join the in-person and online seminar held in Orange County, NY, at 11:00 AM EST. Delve into topics such as controlled flight into the ground (CFIT) and traffic pattern manners, essential for safe and responsible drone operations.

By participating in these drone industry events, you can enhance your understanding of emerging technologies, regulatory frameworks, and business opportunities within the industry.

Engaging with experts and thought leaders will provide valuable insights. And enable you to stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field.

Seize the opportunity to stay informed and connected by attending these notable drone industry events. Explore drone swarm programming, legal considerations, and gain valuable knowledge from industry professionals.

The industry is continually evolving, and these events offer a gateway to unlock its potential. Join the discussions and be a part of shaping the future of drones!

Drone Industry Events: Discover Drone Swarm Programming and More!