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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

28th of June 2023



Soul Fighter 2023: The Ultimate Tournament Begins in Runeterra

Soul Fighter 2023, a six-week event, is set to captivate the world of Runeterra with its thrilling gameplay additions, including new game modes, skins, champions, and more. Inspired by the intensity of fighting games and anime tournament arcs. This event will leave players at the edge of their seats.

Soul Fighter will unfold across League of Legends, Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra. Mark your calendars, as the event begins globally on Thursday, July 20, and runs through Monday, August 28.

Prepare to step into a vibrant and diverse world where participants strive to prove their worth through combat on the grandest stage of all, the “Tournament of Souls.” Hosted by the enigmatic God’s Eye, this competition showcases fighters with exceptional abilities battling until only one victor remains.

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League of Legends Soul Fighter 2023 Highlights

Soul Fighter 2023

In League of Legends, the Soul Fighter 2023 event introduces an array of exciting features. Players can engage in a new game mode called “Arena,” where four teams of two players each face off in rotating combat rounds.

Unique Augments enhance their power after each round, leading to an ultimate showdown. Furthermore, a new champion, Naafiri, the Hound of a Hundred Bites, joins the League.

Additionally, players can look forward to a stunning lineup of skins, including the Ultimate skin for Samira. Immerse yourself in the Tournament of Souls with a captivating in-client metagame experience.

During the Soul Fighter 2023 event, Riot Games demonstrates its commitment to social impact. Twenty percent of the proceeds from the sales of Soul Fighter Samira, the Soul Fighter Event Pass, and related bundles in League of Legends will be contributed to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. This fund, hosted by ImpactAssets, supports charitable causes.

In the Tournament of Souls, an exclusive style-rating-focused combo-battler within the League of Legends client, players assume the role of Samira. By playing games of League, players earn Reputation, enabling them to face new opponents and also unlock new abilities for Samira.

The objective is to emerge as the champion by defeating all ten opponents. Victories yield rewards, and players can unlock additional challenges by progressing through the Story and Expert difficulty levels.

Soul Fighter 2023: The Ultimate Tournament Begins in Runeterra