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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

6th of June 2023



General Motors to Invest Over $1 Billion in Next-Generation Heavy-Duty Pickups

General Motors (GM) is set to make a substantial investment of more than $1 billion in two Michigan plants to facilitate the production of next-generation General Motors heavy-duty pickups.

The company’s announcement highlights a commitment to advancing its lineup of robust trucks. Which have known for their profitability and high demand.

The investment includes $788 million for the Flint Assembly plant. Where the production of heavy-duty gas and diesel trucks will be ramped up.

An additional $233 million will be direct towards enhancing the manufacturing capabilities at the Flint Metal Center. Supporting the production of these vehicles. Both plants are located in mid-Michigan.

Despite GM’s long-term goal of exclusively offering all-electric vehicles by 2035, the company continues to invest in traditional vehicles. Such as the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra heavy-duty pickups.

These trucks have maintained strong market appeal and are key contributors to GM’s financial performance.

The revenue generated from their sales assists in funding the company’s ongoing investments in electric vehicles.

Construction related to the announce investments is expected to commence in the fourth quarter. Although specific details regarding the next-generation pickups and their timeline have not been disclosed at this time.

The Company Invests in Next-Generation General Motors Heavy-Duty Pickups

General Motors

GM experienced a substantial increase in sales of its General Motors heavy-duty pickups in 2022. With a growth of 38% compared to the previous year.

The impressive sales figures reached nearly 288,000 trucks sold, further highlighting the significance of these vehicles within GM’s product portfolio.

This investment announcement precedes contract negotiations between GM and the United Auto Workers (UAW) union.

As well as other Detroit automakers. The negotiations, schedule for this summer, are anticipate to be critical and potentially contentious.

Factors such as the ongoing labor movement, a pro-union president, and the industry’s shift towards electric vehicles contribute to the significance of these discussions.

UAW Vice President Mike Booth, responsible for overseeing the union’s GM unit, emphasized the importance of investing in the workforce during prosperous times.

He outlined key bargaining issues, including the restoration of cost-of-living adjustments, improved job security, and the elimination of a tiered pay system that leads to wage disparities among members.

In summary, the company is making a substantial investment of over $1 billion in the production of next-generation General Motors heavy-duty pickups. This demonstrates GM’s commitment to these profitable vehicles, even as the company transitions towards an all-electric vehicle lineup in the future.

General Motors to Invest Over $1 Billion in Next-Generation Heavy-Duty Pickups