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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

7 Aug 2023


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Empowering the Next Generation: Howl Program for Holistic Youth Development

In the serene backdrop of the Canadian Rockies, the ‘Howl Program for Holistic Youth Development‘ stands out as a beacon of hope. Designed for young adults between 17 to 30, this program offers a rich tapestry of Indigenous knowledge.

Also, scientific perspectives, and wellness practices, address pivotal issues like climate change, mental health, and reconciliation.

The Essence of the Howl Program for Holistic Youth Development

Cole Flanagan, a 21-year-old participant, vividly recounts his transformative experience with the ‘Howl Program for Holistic Youth Development’.

Beyond the mesmerizing mountain escapades, he was immersed in deep societal dialogues. Also ranging from the haunting shadows of residential schools to the urgent concerns of climate change.

Such profound interactions highlight the program’s commitment to fostering a holistic approach to youth development.

Howl Program for Holistic Youth Development

Adam Robb, the visionary behind the ‘Howl Program for Holistic Youth Development’. Conceptualized this initiative during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drawing from his experience as a Calgary high school teacher, Robb identified the pressing anxieties and dilemmas facing the youth. Especially as they transition out of high school.

Whether it’s the looming specter of climate change or societal movements like Black Lives Matter, today’s youth are in search of impactful avenues to engage and contribute.

The ‘Howl Program for Holistic Youth Development’ emerges as a guiding light, leading them towards actionable insights and a deeper understanding of society.

Indigenous Teachings

Daryl Kootenay, an esteemed leader from the Stoney Nakoda First Nation and co-director of the program, underscores the significance of Indigenous teachings within the ‘Howl for Holistic Youth Development’.

Participants are granted the unique opportunity to visit residential schools, absorb the poignant stories of survivors, and grasp the profound ramifications of intergenerational trauma. Such immersive experiences are instrumental in fostering genuine reconciliation and mutual respect.

For many participants, the ‘Howl for Holistic Youth Development’ represents a transformative journey that transcends traditional learning paradigms.

Howl Program for Holistic Youth Development

Participants like Ally Macdonald describe it as an enlightening “adult field trip”, where learning breaks free from conventional boundaries.

Engaging with Indigenous elders, connecting with fellow participants, and absorbing a plethora of knowledge, ‘Howl’ offers a comprehensive learning experience.

Macdonald, with her Inuit heritage, cherishes the program’s insights into Indigenous culture, aspiring to share them with her daughter.

In an era marked by myriad challenges, initiatives like the ‘Howl Program for Holistic Development’ shine as beacons of hope.

By harmoniously integrating Indigenous wisdom with contemporary knowledge, ‘Howl’ prepares the youth to adeptly navigate the intricacies of our world, fostering a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.

Empowering the Next Generation: Howl Program for Holistic Youth Development