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Oliver Brown

Oliver Brown

6th of October 2023



Maren Morris Country Music Evolution: Breaking Free from Conventions

Maren Morris, a known figure, in the country music industry has recently opened up about her choice to redefine her style. As she evolves as an artist Morris believes it’s important for her to break away, from the boundaries of country music.

During an episode of the podcast “Popcast (Deluxe) ” Morris honestly shared her feelings saying, “I couldn’t continue being part of this environment where I felt compelled to defend and downplay peoples inappropriate actions.” She emphasized that the transformative events of 2020 played a pivotal role in her Maren Morris Country Music Evolution.

That year she experienced two events; becoming a mother and delivering a powerful acceptance speech at the 2020 Country Music Awards. Where she acknowledged the contributions of Black female country artists.

During her speech Morris candidly discussed the challenges she faced within the country music culture. She described it as an “indoctrination ” . Emphasizing that any attempt to question or challenge established norms often resulted in a response. The implication being, “Stay in your lane and don’t dare question our methods. You should consider yourself lucky to be.”

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Maren Morris Country Music Evolution Journey

Maren Morris Country Music Evolution

Morris has been an advocate, against racism and transphobia. Her stance hasn’t come without consequences. She shared instances where fellow artists who had previously invited her on their tours later distanced themselves from her. Notably Morris had disagreements with artists, like Jason Aldean regarding transgender issues. Also criticized Morgan Wallen for his use of a racial slur.

Adding to her Maren Morris Country Music Evolution, last month, she unveiled a new EP titled “The Bridge.” This EP contains songs that appear to offer a perspective, on the trends in country music. One of the tracks on this album was created in partnership with the pop artist Jack Antonoff hinting at Maren Morriss willingness to explore musical genres.

To sum up Maren Morriss artistic journey mirrors the difficulties and expectations that artists encounter in the music industry. Her choice to adapt and redefine her identity amidst these obstacles is a testament to her strength and dedication, to her craft. As fans and listeners, we eagerly await the next chapter in the Maren Morris Country Music Evolution.

Maren Morris Country Music Evolution: Breaking Free from Conventions