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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

9 Aug 2023


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UK’s Lithium Refinery for Electric Cars: Europe’s First Major Step

The UK is making monumental strides in the electric vehicle (EV) sector. Laying the foundation for Europe’s premier and most expansive UK’s Lithium Refinery for Electric Cars. This initiative is a direct response to the escalating global demand for lithium. An indispensable component in the production of EV batteries.

The Rising Tide of Lithium in the EV Revolution

Lithium’s significance in the automotive industry cannot be overstate. Forecasts suggest that by the year 2030, a staggering 60% of new car sales will be power by lithium-ion batteries.

To provide a clearer picture, consider the Tesla Model S, which utilizes around 12 kg of lithium for its battery.

This burgeoning demand has, until now, made manufacturers predominantly reliant on East Asia, especially China.

Which is responsible for refining an overwhelming 89% of the world’s lithium.UK’s Lithium Refinery for Electric Cars will do the same.

UK's Lithium Refinery for Electric Cars

Recognizing the need to reduce this dependency and foster local production. The UK government has endorsed a pioneering project by Green Lithium. This UK-based firm has been greenlit to construct a state-of-the-art lithium refinery in Teesside, England.

Sean Sargent, Green Lithium’s CEO, sheds light on the pressing demand for battery materials, also emphasizing that by 2030, Europe might need an astonishing 800,000 tonnes of lithium annually.

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Sustainability at the Forefront of UK’s Lithium Refinery for Electric Cars

With operations set to kick off in 2027, the Teesside plant boasts an impressive projected annual production capacity of 50,000 tonnes of battery-grade lithium chemicals. In simpler terms, this is enough lithium to power a million EV batteries, as outlined by the company.

Green Lithium’s UK’s Lithium Refinery for Electric Cars to lithium refining is not just about quantity but also quality and sustainability.

The Teesside refinery will primarily source spodumene, a specific rock mineral, from Western Australia. Also this mineral will be process and refine to extract lithium, making it suitable for battery production.

UKs Lithium Refinery for Electric Cars

However, it’s essential to address the elephant in the room: the environmental impact of lithium mining. Traditional mining practices have been link to air pollution and soil contamination. Green Lithium is determine to change this narrative.

Also the company’s vision for the UK’s lithium refinery for electric cars is rooted in sustainability. By harnessing low-energy processes, tapping into renewable energy, utilizing hydrogen gas, and employing advanced carbon capture technology,

Green Lithium aspires to slash the carbon footprint of lithium refining by a whopping 80%. Sargent is optimistic about this sustainable approach UK’s Lithium Refinery for Electric Cars, emphasizing the significant carbon reduction and the eco-friendly methods they plan to implement.

UK’s Lithium Refinery for Electric Cars: Europe’s First Major Step