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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

31 Jul 2023


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Newark Building Collapse: An Explosion’s Aftermath in New Jersey

In Newark, New Jersey, a building suddenly collapsed due to an apparent explosion. This incident, now known as the Newark building collapse, led to at least five people being taken to the hospital.

The Newark Housing Authority property, where the incident occurred, was quickly surrounded by authorities who arrived on the scene shortly after 6pm on Friday.

The explosion was so powerful that it shook the entire neighborhood, leaving residents in a state of shock and disbelief.

The Aftermath of the Newark Building Collapse

Witnesses reported that the building exploded, with debris being thrown as far as 600 feet away. The explosion was so powerful that residents inside were knocked off their feet, doors were blown off their hinges, and walls were torn apart.

This building collapse has left the community in shock and fear. The explosion was heard miles away, and the impact was so strong that it shattered windows of nearby buildings.

Newark Building Collapse

One resident, Sylvia Murdaugh, described the terrifying moment of the explosion, saying she heard a loud boom and saw glass and windows flying.

She was in her apartment when the explosion occurred and was thrown off her feet by the force of the blast. Another resident shared that her daughter was knocked off her feet by the explosion, and their neighbors were among those taken to the hospital.

The explosion was so powerful that it left the building without a roof and reduced it to its bare structure. The residents are now grappling with the loss of their homes and belongings due to the Newark building collapse.

The Investigation and Assistance

Newark Public Safety Director Fritz Fragé confirmed that firefighters responded to a report of a building collapse.

He also confirmed that at least five people were taken to local hospitals, with one victim suffering serious burns and in critical condition. The cause of the explosion is still under investigation.

The City of Newark is providing temporary accommodation for the displaced residents. The Red Cross is also providing emergency assistance to the victims of the Newark building collapse.

Newark Building Collapse

The cause of the Newark building collapse remains unknown. Emergency workers are at the scene, working to establish the extent of the damage.

While the investigation continues, the community is left to deal with the aftermath of this tragic incident. The residents are now left with many questions – What caused the explosion?

Could this have been prevented? How will they rebuild their lives after the Newark building collapse? As the community comes together to support each other, they are also demanding answers and accountability.

Newark Building Collapse: An Explosion’s Aftermath in New Jersey