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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

28 Jul 2023


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Prince Harry’s Lawsuit Against The Sun: A Tale of Mixed Results

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has been embroiled in a legal battle with the publisher of The Sun tabloid, accusing them of unlawfully spying on him. This case, part of a larger narrative of celebrities and public figures pushing back against invasive media practices, has drawn global attention.

The crux of Prince Harry’s lawsuit against The Sun revolves around allegations of phone hacking and other illicit information-gathering methods.

The Sun’s Defence and the Court’s Response

News Group Newspapers (NGN), the Rupert Murdoch-owned publisher of The Sun, mounted a robust defence.

They argued that the case should be dismissed as the claims were made after the six-year limitation period had expired.

Justice Timothy Fancourt, presiding over the case, agreed with NGN on the phone hacking allegations. He ruled that Harry, given his awareness of the phone hacking scandal that rocked Britain over a decade ago. Could have brought his case sooner.

Prince Harry's Lawsuit Against The Sun

However, the judge allowed Prince Harry’s lawsuit against The Sun to proceed on allegations of other unlawful information gathering methods. Such as the hiring of private investigators.

The phone hacking scandal began at News of the World, another Murdoch-owned paper. And was later found to be widespread at other papers.

This led to the closure of News of the World in 2011, numerous apologies from Murdoch to those who were hacked. And ongoing settlements related to the scandal.

However, The Sun has not accepted liability or admitted to the allegations. The shadow of this scandal looms large over Prince Harry’s lawsuit against The Sun.

The Implications of Prince Harry’s Lawsuit Against The Sun Case

The ruling in Prince Harry’s lawsuit against The Sun is similar to one made in May in a case by actor Hugh Grant. Which also dismissed phone hacking allegations.

Both Harry and Grant’s cases were argued together at an April hearing. And their trial is expected to start in January.

This case, along with Harry’s other ongoing privacy lawsuits, could potentially cost him millions of pounds in legal costs if he loses.

Prince Harry Lawsuit Against The Sun

The outcome of Prince Harry’s lawsuit against The Sun could set a precedent for future cases involving celebrities and the media.

Harry attempted to amend his case to include allegations of a secret agreement between Buckingham Palace and Murdoch executives. Which he claimed prevented him from bringing his claims sooner.

However, the judge rejected this part of Harry’s suit due to a lack of evidence. The alleged agreement, which was said to have been approved by the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Called for a settlement and an apology to be worked out after litigation in other phone hacking cases was resolved in the courts. The rejection of this claim adds another layer of complexity to Prince Harry’s lawsuit against The Sun.

Prince Harry’s Lawsuit Against The Sun: A Tale of Mixed Results