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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

17th of July 2023



Inside the 2024 Presidential Race Fundraising: A Financial Overview

The 2024 Presidential Race Fundraising is beginning to show its colors. As candidates submit their campaign finance reports, we get a glimpse into the financial strategies at play.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, despite raising a significant amount, seems to be burning through his campaign funds.

Meanwhile, the current White House administration is running on a lean budget. There’s a noticeable gap in fundraising between the leading Republican candidates and their competitors.

DeSantis’ Role in the 2024 Fundraising

DeSantis has managed to raise an impressive $20 million for the 2024 Presidential Race Fundraising. However, his campaign is spending at a high rate, with nearly $8 million spent since late May.

His campaign expenses include high travel and payroll costs, with over $800,000 spent on digital fundraising consulting.

Despite these high expenses, DeSantis’ campaign still has around $12.2 million in the bank, although only about $9 million of this can be used in the GOP primary.

2024 Presidential Race Fundraising

Former Vice President Mike Pence seems to be struggling in the 2024 Presidential Race Fundraising, raising less than $1.2 million. This raises questions about his ability to appeal to party supporters.

On the other hand, former President Donald Trump, who is leading in the GOP primary, raised $17.7 million during the quarter.

However, Trump’s campaign has been indicted twice this year, which could potentially impact his fundraising efforts.

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Democrats’ Strategy in the 2024 Presidential Race Fundraising

On the Democratic side of the 2024 Presidential Race Fundraising, despite boasting about the large sums raised with the Democratic National Committee (DNC), President Biden’s campaign appears to be operating on a minimal budget.

Senate Democrats, particularly those in vulnerable positions, continue to raise substantial amounts in preparation for defending their narrow majority in the chamber.

2024 Presidential Race Fundraising

Freshman Republicans in competitive House seats have shown a strong start in the 2024 Presidential Fundraising. Eight of nine freshmen in ‘toss-up’ districts raised between $500,000 and $1 million in the second quarter. This puts them in a strong position to defend their control of the House.

The 2024 Presidential Race Fundraising is shaping up to be a fascinating financial battle, with each candidate employing different strategies to secure their position in the race. The fundraising efforts of these candidates will undoubtedly play a significant role in the outcome of the Presidential Race.

Inside the 2024 Presidential Race Fundraising: A Financial Overview