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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

29th of July 2023



Public Questions White House’s Assurance: Will President Biden Pardon His Son Hunter?

Social media users have expressed doubts over the White House’s recent statement that President Biden will not pardon his son, Hunter Biden. This assurance was given by White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, in response to a question about the possibility of a presidential pardon for Hunter Biden, who is currently facing legal issues and federal investigations. The ‘President Biden Hunter pardon’ issue has become a topic of public discussion and speculation.

Press Secretary’s Firm Denial on ‘President Biden Hunter Pardon’

When Fox News’ Mark Meredith questioned Jean-Pierre about the possibility of a ‘President Biden Hunter pardon’, she firmly replied, “No.”

Despite further probing, Jean-Pierre maintained her stance, insisting that the answer was a definitive “no.” This firm denial has added fuel to the ongoing debate about the ‘Biden Hunter pardon’ issue.

President Biden Hunter pardon

This response from the White House met with skepticism from various Twitter users. Some questioned the need for a pardon, pointing out that the Department of Justice seemed to be working to protect Hunter Biden.

Others expressed disbelief at Jean-Pierre’s statement, with conservative commentator Steve Guest stating, “No one actually believes Karine Jean-Pierre here.” The ‘President Biden Hunter pardon’ issue has stirred up a lot of public interest and debate.

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Hunter Biden is currently under federal investigation for potential FARA violations. He recently charged with two misdemeanor tax charges following a years-long investigation by the Justice Department.

Although a plea deal was expected to help him avoid jail time for a felony gun charge, the deal was rejected by a federal judge, leading to a “not guilty” plea from Hunter. The ‘President Biden Hunter pardon’ issue has added another layer of complexity to these ongoing legal issues.

President Biden Hunter pardon

Jean-Pierre has consistently avoided questions about Hunter Biden, asserting that he is a “private citizen” and his legal issues are a “personal matter.” She has also been accused of changing the language surrounding President Biden’s involvement with his son.

While the president has insisted that he never spoke with his son about business deals, Jean-Pierre recently claimed that Biden “was never in business” with Hunter. The ‘President Biden Hunter pardon’ issue has raised questions about the White House’s stance on Hunter Biden’s legal issues.

Public Questions White House’s Assurance: Will President Biden Pardon His Son Hunter?