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Oliver Brown

Oliver Brown

21st of October 2023



Diplomatic Shift: Canada Withdraws 41 Diplomats from India

In a move that’s sent ripples across diplomatic circles, Canada withdraws 41 diplomats from India. This decision arises from a growing divide, between the two countries stemming from the killing of a Sikh separatist leader on territory.

India had previously request Canada to bring a number of its diplomatic personnel even going as far, as warning that their immunity could be revoke if they didn’t comply. Canada has deemed this action as a breach of law.

Canada’s Stance on the Matter

Tensions escalated when Canada accused India of being involve in the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar on June 18th. India has strongly denied these allegations considering them to be unfounded.

Melanie Joly, Canadas Foreign Minister confirmed that numerous Canadian diplomats and their families were leaving India. She mentioned that by October 20th India planned to remove immunity, for all but 21 diplomats without any agreement. In response the Ministry of External Affairs in India refuted any violation of norms.

This reduction in presence will inevitably have an impact on Canadas operations within India. Services in cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai and Chandigarh may experience disruptions.

While the High Commission of Canada, in Delhi and other application centers will continue functioning it is expect that immigration application processing times may increase.

Canada Withdraws 41 Diplomats from India

Canada Withdraws 41 Diplomats from India will majorly affect Indian citizens, especially students aiming to study in Canada. Indian nationals were the group of individuals applying for residency, in Canada during 2022.

During a press conference Ms. Joly emphasized that removing immunity would be considered a violation of law. She stated that Canada would not reciprocate this action explaining that compromising diplomatic immunity would put diplomats worldwide at risk.

The relationship between Canada and India has become strained particularly following Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeaus suggestion of a connection between India and Nijjars assassination. Despite these tensions Trudeau remains hopeful for collaboration, in the investigation surrounding Nijjars death.

Canada withdraws 41 diplomats from India is a pivotal moment in their diplomatic relations. It’s hard to say what the future holds in terms of the interactions, between these two nations.

Diplomatic Shift: Canada Withdraws 41 Diplomats from India