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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

6 Aug 2023


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$1200 Dental Implants

An accepted and reliable method of restoring lost teeth is dental implants. But not everyone can afford them since they may be pricey. Fortunately, there are $1200 dental implants available, which offer a more affordable option.

What Are $1200 Dental Implants?

$1200 dental implants are a type of dental implant that is available at a lower price point. These implants often offer fewer customizing choices and are constructed of less expensive materials. They still provide a dependable and practical means of restoring lost teeth.

$1200 Dental Implants

At this cost range, a number of dental implant types are offered, including:

Single-tooth implants: These implants, which are the most prevalent kind of dental implant, are made to replace a single lost tooth.

Implant-supported dentures: These implants offer a more solid and secure fit than conventional dentures and are used to support a full or partial denture.

All-on-four implants: Four of these implants are all that are needed to replace a whole arch of teeth.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Choosing $1200 Dental Implants

$1200 dental implants are a popular and effective way to replace missing teeth. They give off a natural look and feel, and with the right maintenance, they may last a lifetime.

Dental implants, however, can range greatly in price, with some implants costing $5000 or more per tooth. The $1200 dental implant is a brand-new type of dental implant that has recently entered the market.

Benefits of $1200 Dental Implants

$1200 Dental Implants

Affordable: The most obvious benefit of $1200 dental implants is their affordability. Since they are far less expensive than conventional implants, many patients will find them to be a more viable alternative.

High-Quality Materials: Despite the lower cost, $1200 dental implants are made of the same high-quality materials as traditional implants. They are therefore strong and long-lasting, giving patients a dependable and efficient way to replace lost teeth.

Quick and Easy Procedure: Dental implants costing $1200 may be put in reasonably quickly and simply. Patients can normally resume their regular activities right away following just one dental appointment.

Drawbacks of $1200 Dental Implants

$1200 Dental Implants

Lack of FDA Approval: One of the main drawbacks of $1200 dental implants is that they are not FDA-approved.

Despite the fact that they are composed of premium materials, they have not gone through the same extensive testing and approval procedures as conventional implants.

Limited Warranty: Many dental implants costing $1200 have a limited warranty, which could not cover all potential problems or difficulties.

Limited Availability: Finding a dentist that offers $1200 dental implants might be challenging since they are less common than conventional implants.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Dental Implants

An efficient and durable method of restoring lost teeth is dental implants. In comparison to more conventional choices like dentures or bridges, they provide a number of benefits, including as increased stability, greater dental health, and higher self-esteem. Dental implants may be pricey, too, and the cost varies greatly based on a number of factors.

$1200 Dental Implants

Number of Implants Needed

The quantity of implants required directly affects the price of dental implants. The price of an implant will be lower if you just require one than if you require numerous.

This is because each implant requires a comparable surgical method and set of components, regardless of how many are necessary. Therefore, when implants are added, the need for materials and labor increases, increasing the cost.

Type of Implant

Each type of dental implant costs differently and is available in a variety of materials, forms, and sizes. Titanium and zirconia dental implants are the most popular varieties.

Zirconia implants are more costly than titanium implants because of their great biocompatibility and attractive appearance.

Additionally, some implants call for extra parts like crowns or abutments, which raises the entire cost.

Location of the Implant

The price depends on where the implant is placed in the mouth. Implants in the canines and incisors in the front of the mouth are more noticeable and need a more attractive implant crown.

Compared to implants in the rear of the mouth, such as molars, which are less noticeable and call for a less aesthetically pleasing implant crown, this raises the price.

Quality of the Implant

Cost is influenced by the implant’s quality. High-quality implants cost more since they are constructed with premium materials and have superior durability and lifetime.

Cheaper implants are more likely to fail and be composed of inferior materials, which might result in more expenditures for maintenance or replacement.

Surgical Procedure

Cost is also impacted by the surgical technique needed for dental implants. To prepare the jawbone for implant insertion, certain patients might need further surgeries such bone grafting or sinus lifts.

The entire cost of the implant process may increase as a result of these extra operations.

Dentist’s Experience

The price of dental implants also depends on the dentist’s training and expertise. Due to their reputation and competence, more seasoned dentists often charge more for their services.

However, a dentist with more expertise could be able to complete the process more quickly, which might lead to a reduced total cost.

Where Can You Find $1200 Dental Implant Provider?

Where then can you locate a dental implant company that can supply implants for $1200 or less? Here are some alternatives to think about:

Dental Schools

Finding local dental schools that provide implant installation in their training programs is one choice. The cost of therapy is frequently less expensive at these academic institutions than it would be in a private practice.

However, bear in mind that you’ll be receiving treatment from a student who will be overseen by a qualified dentist, so there may be some added hazards to take into account.

Dental Discount Plans

Another choice is to search for dental discount programs that provide dental implant therapy at discounted prices. In that you pay a monthly or yearly fee in exchange for discounts on dental care, these plans operate similarly to insurance.

Some insurance plans provide discounts on implants of up to 50%, which can significantly lower their cost.

Low-Cost Dental Clinics

Finally, you may browse for affordable dental offices that provide implant implantation nearby. These clinics, which are frequently managed by non-profit groups or governmental bodies, are created to offer dental treatment to those who may not otherwise be able to afford it at a reasonable price.

The drawback is that you would need to prepare ahead because there can be lengthy wait times or limited supply.

Final Thought

$1200 dental implants offer an affordable option for those seeking to replace missing teeth. Even though they could have a few restrictions when compared to other implant choices, they nonetheless offer many patients a successful solution.

When thinking about dental implants, it’s crucial to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each choice as well as the elements that influence the price.

Finding inexpensive dental implants that suit your needs may be done by doing some research, evaluating several providers, and taking financing into account.

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How much do full mouth implants cost?

The number of implants, complexity of the case, materials utilized, and location of the dental clinic all affect the cost of full mouth implants. Full mouth implants typically cost $20,000–$50,000.

Can I get an implant 5 years after extraction?

5 years following extraction, implants are conceivable. The implant’s success depends on bone quantity, quality, and tissue health. Your dentist will assess your suitability for implant implantation.

What are the 3 types of dental implants?

Endosteal, subperiosteal, and zygomatic dental implants exist. Most implants are endosteal and implanted directly into the jawbone. Subperiosteal implants go across the jawbone but under the gums. Zygomatic implants are secured into the cheekbone when the upper jaw lacks bone.

What is the most expensive part of a dental implant?

The implant fixture, which is surgically implanted into the jawbone to act as the tooth root, is the most costly portion of a dental implant. The implant cost comprises the abutment, which links the implant fixture to the replacement tooth, and the crown, which is visible on top of the abutment.

How much does it cost for teeth implants in Turkey?

The quantity of implants, materials, and dental clinic location might affect the cost of tooth implants in Turkey. In Turkey, single dental implants cost $500 to $1,500, while whole mouth implants cost $10,000 to $30,000.

$1200 Dental Implants