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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

17th of June 2023



Twitch Mega Streamer xQc Signs $100 Million Deal with Gambling-Focused Rival

Félix Lengyel, Twitch mega streamer xQc, has made a surprising move by signing a non-exclusive deal with Kick, a streaming platform that focuses on online gambling.

This partnership, valued at up to $100 million over two years. Deals a significant blow to Twitch as discontent among creators grows.

Kick, backed by online gambling companies, has attracted notable streamers with its relaxed regulations and favorable revenue sharing.

Although xQc’s collaboration with Kick allows him to continue streaming on Twitch. It raises questions about how he will split his time between the two platforms.

The agreement between Twitch mega streamer xQc and Kick, as reported by The New York Times.

Involves an annual payout of $35 million, with an additional $30 million available as incentives if xQc achieves specific milestones.

Dexerto notes that this would rank xQc’s annual earnings as the 12th highest in sports, surpassing Kevin Durant.

Kick, a streaming platform startup, has received funding from online gambling companies such as Easygo Gaming and

Despite uncertainties regarding Kick’s profitability and future plans, it has capitalized on backlash against Twitch’s tightening restrictions on gambling promotions, attracting prominent streamers with its more permissive environment and a creator-friendly revenue split of 5/95.

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Twitch Mega Streamer xQc Background and Twitch Success

Twitch Mega Streamer xQc

Having been shaped in Twitch’s often-toxic chat, Twitch mega streamer xQc initially rose to prominence as a competitive player in League of Legends and Overwatch.

After a series of suspensions in the Overwatch League, xQc transitioned to become a full-time content creator in 2018.

Known for his high-level gameplay, unfiltered comments, and propensity for controversy, xQc became Twitch’s most-watched streamer by 2021.

Leaks in 2022 revealed that he earned $8 million from subscriptions on the platform. However, during the same year, he incurred a loss of $1.8 million from online gambling activities.

While xQc’s contract with Kick does not prohibit him from streaming on Twitch, the platform’s policy against simulcasting raises questions about how much time he will dedicate to his original streaming home.

The announcement of the partnership sparked mixed reactions, with xQc assuring his audience that his content would remain unchanged on the new platform.

However, he also faced criticism for retweeting support for streamer Nickmercs, who had recently faced backlash for making anti-LGBTQ+ remarks.

Twitch mega streamer xQc, has signed a lucrative deal with Kick, a streaming platform focused on online gambling. The multimillion-dollar agreement is a significant blow to Twitch amid growing discontent among creators.

Kick’s lenient rules and creator-friendly revenue sharing have attracted prominent streamers, although questions remain about the platform’s profitability.

The division of xQc’s streaming time between Twitch and Kick remains uncertain, but his move reflects the evolving landscape of online streaming and the potential impact of alternative platforms catering to specific niches.

Twitch Mega Streamer xQc Signs $100 Million Deal with Gambling-Focused Rival