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Oliver Brown

Oliver Brown

6th of October 2023



MGM Casino Data Breach Impact Leads to $100M Loss

MGM Resorts International, a known participant, in the gambling industry recently announced a substantial decrease of $100 million in its earnings, for the third quarter. This financial hit is directly linked to the MGM Casino Data Breach Impact that transpired last month. To regain control of the situation MGM acted quickly to deactivate its systems.

The repercussions of the MGM Casino Data Breach Impact were palpable. Social media was flooded with pictures of slot machines not working properly and long lines, at the Las Vegas establishments owned by MGM.

Although MGM has not commented on any ransom demands or payments they did confirm that private data of people who used their services before March 2019 was compromised. This compromised data included information such, as contact details, gender, birth dates and drivers license numbers.

MGM Casino Data Breach Impact Causes $100M Setback

MGM also mentioned that a smaller number of Social Security and passport numbers were accessed,. There is no evidence to suggest that this data has been used for identity theft or fraudulent activities.

MGM Casino Data Breach Impact

Cybercriminals frequently exploit stolen information using it to extort money disclose it on the internet or sell it to individuals. The MGM Casino Data Breach Impact is now under FBI scrutiny, highlighting the ever-present cyber threats that large corporations face.

In a update MGM has confirmed that the individuals responsible were unable to access any sensitive banking or payment card information belonging to their customers. Furthermore the data related to their luxury division The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas remained secure and unaffected, by this breach.

MGM stated in a filing that they are still assessing the extent of the financial impact resulting from this incident.The company predicts the MGM Casino Data Breach Impact to negatively influence its Las Vegas Strip division’s core profit by an estimated $100 million.

Despite the challenges MGM is optimistic. Mentions that most guest related systems have been restored. They are confident that the breach will not have an impact, on their outcomes.

Looking ahead MGM is preparing for a quarter. They are expecting record results in November because of the Formula One event in Las Vegas. This demonstrates MGMs commitment, to its clients and investors during these times.

MGM Casino Data Breach Impact Leads to $100M Loss